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839 grammes is 839/1000 (or 0.839 as a decimal fraction) kilogrammes.

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Q: What fraction of one kilogramme is 839 grammes?
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What is kilogramme?

A kilogramme is a measurement of weight: one kilogramme is 1000 grammes.

What metric unit should use to record the mass?

gramme or kilogramme (one kilogramme is 1000 grammes)

Share one kilogram in the ratio of 2 to 3 to 5?

1 kilogramme = 1000 grammes Sharing this in a ratio of 2:3:5 gives 200 grammes 300 grammes 500 grammes

One kilogramme is how many grammes?

"kilo" means a thousand, so 1 kg=1000g.

What fraction of one kilogram is 839 grams?

It is 839/1000.

How many calories does one kilogram of date fruits contain?

For the purposes of this exercise, one date weighs 8.3 grammes, thus there are about 120 dates in one kilogramme. One date contains 23 calories, thus there are 2760 calories in one kilogramme of dates.

What is the SI unit of mass for a coin?

The SI unto of mass is the kilogram, a coin would be measured in one of the subdivisions of the kilogramme = usually grammes.

How many gramme makes one kilogramme?

There are: 1000

What is the standard used to define one kilogramme?

to control the pointer

How many grammes make a carat?

Five carats equals one gramme: .20 grammes weighs the same as one carat.

How many pounds in one kilogramme?

1 kg = 2.20462 lb

100 grams equals what?

100 grames = one 10th of a kilogramme

What is 1000 micro grammes?

The same as one milligram.

How many liters in one kilogramme?

There's a problem with your question: the liter is a measurement of volume, and the kilogram (or kilogramme) is a measurement of mass. However, I can tell you that one kilogram has almost exactly the same mass as one liter of water.1,000

How much is a carat?

One carat weighs .2 grammes.

How many ounces of wool are there in 100 grammes ball of wool?

One hundred grammes equals 3.5274 ounces. regardless of what you're measuring.

What are some math tricks?

A brick weighs one kilogramme plus half-a-brick. What is its weight?

What is one pound equal to in grammes?

1 pound = 453.59237 grams

How many kilo grammes in one stone?

One stone is equal to about 6.35 kg

Which is more pounds or kg?

There is approx 2.2lbs to 1kg so one kilogramme weighs more than one pound..

How do you change kg into g?

Multiply by 1000 ! One kilogram equals one thousand grammes.

What is the weight of 1ct diamond?

A one carat diamond weighs one carat, or .20 grammes.

How much is troy ounce in grammes?

One troy ounce is 31.1 grams.

What is the meaning of liter?

The litre is the metric unit of volume for fluids. The volume of one litre is equivalent to the volume of one kilogramme of water.

What is the weight of 1 ct diamond?

A one carat diamond weighs one carat, or .20 grammes.