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It is 120 pence/100 pence = 6/5

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Q: What fraction of one pound is one hundred and twenty pence?
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What fraction of a pound is twenty five pence?


What a fraction of a pound is twenty five pence?

It is 1/4.

What fraction of a pound is twenty-five pence?

It is: 25/100 = 1/4 reduced

What fraction of a pound is twenty pence?

One fifth 100 pence = 1 pound 100 / 20 = 5

How much money is one fifth of one pound?

One hundred (100) pence to the pound, so one fifth (1/5) of a pound is twenty (20) pence

What fraction of a pound is 10 pence?

10 pence is one tenth of a pound.

What is a hundred pence called?

A pound.

One pound and twenty pence takeaway seventy nine pence?

41 Pence.

What fraction of 1 pound is sixty pence?

60 Pence is three-fifths (or 60%) of a Pound.

Bag that contains twenty-pence coinsAltogether you have twelve poundshow many twenty-pence coins is that?

There are 100 pence in a pound So 5 twenty-pence coins make a pound. If there are 12 pounds in the bag, and it only contains twenty-pence coins, then there must be 12 times 5 twenty-pence coins. 12 x 5 = 60 60 twenty-pence coins = £12.00

What fraction of 1 pound is pence?

It is a hundredth.

What fraction of 1 pound is 65 pence?

There are 100 Pence in a Pound, so 65 Pence would be 65% of One Pound. Your ancestors are taught only fractions, not decimals until a few years before decimalisation in 1971. Your ancestors learn that there are twenty shillings make one pound. Then, twelve pence make one shilling. That pre-decimal subdivision persisted until 15th Feb., 1971. Then, the pound is much simpler with one hundred new pence make one pound. So, 65 pence is 13 shillings before 1971. 65 pence is 13/20 of pound.

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