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Q: What fraction of a pound is twenty five pence?
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What a fraction of a pound is twenty five pence?

It is 1/4.

What fraction of a pound is twenty-five pence?

It is: 25/100 = 1/4 reduced

What fraction of one pound is five pence?

There are 100 pence in one pound. Therefore, 5 pence is equal to 5/100 or 1/20 of a pound.

What is a 5 pence as a fraction of a pound?

There are 100 pence per pound. Five pence is 5/100 or in lowest terms, 1/20.

What fraction of 1.00 is eighty five pence?

The fraction is 85 over 100 as there are 100 pence in a pound. The percentage is 85%.

What fraction of one pound is seventy five pence?


What fraction of Two Pounds is Twenty five Pence?

Two pounds is 200 pence, so 25 pence is 1/8 of that.

What is the weight of British coins?

The weight of currently circulating British coinage is as follows: One pence: 3.56g Two pence : 7.13g Five pence : 3.25g Ten pence : 6.50g Twenty pence : 5.00g Fifty pence : 8.00g One pound : 9.50g Two pound : 12.00g Five pound : 28.28g

How much is one British coin worth?

One pence is worth one hundredth of a pound, two pence is worth two one hundredth's of a pound, five pence is worth five one hundredth's of a pound, ten pence is a tenth of a pound, twenty pence is worth two tenths of a pound and fifty pence is worth half a pound. A pound is worth a pound, two pounds are worth two pounds

What fraction of 1 pound is 5 pence?

That would be 1/20 - 5 goes into 100, 20 times. Before 1971, the pound is divided into twenty shilling and then a shilling is further subdivided into twelve pence. So, five pence is one shilling before 1971. Now, the pound is much simpler with 100 pence since 1971.

What is the fraction of 5 pound if you spend one pound twenty five pence?

If you have spent £1.25 of your £5.00, you have spent one-quarter (¼), or 25% of it. What remains is three-quarters (¾) or 75% of the original, totaling £3.75.

What is a fraction of a pound seventy five pence?

It is: 75/100 = 3/4 in its lowest terms

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