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Any fraction can go into any other fraction. The concept of "going into" for a limited set of numbers is useful only for integers.

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Q: What fractions can go into one fourth?
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What fraction equal to one fourth?

There are an infinite number of fractions that equal one-fourth.

What does one fourth equal in fractions?


What is 0.25 in fractions?

one-fourth 1/4

What is 2 one fourth as improper fractions?


What are some equivalent fractions for three over twelve?

one fourth

What equals to 25 percent in fractions?

one fourth, 1/4

What are some fractions equal to one fourth?

2/8, 4/16

What are the two equivalent fractions for one fourth?

2/8 4/16

What is the least to greatest fractions one half or three fifth or one fourth?

From least to greatest: one fourth, one half, and three fifths. I hope this helped!

What is one-fourth equal to?

The decimal of one fourth is 0.25. Equivalent fractions include 2/8, 4/16, 8/32, etc.

What are two equal equivalent fractions to one-fourth?

2/8, 3/12

What does a fourth mean in fractions?

1/4 One part out of four equal parts.