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Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher, discovered that rubbing amber with silk created an electric charge in the amber which caused objects to be attracted to it. If rubbed enough, it created a spark, much like we receive when we walk on carpet and touch a doorknob and see, hear and feel the spark.

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Q: What happened when Thales rubbed the amber and the silk cloth?
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Explain clearly what happened when Thales rubbed the amber with the silk cloth?

it created an electrical charge

Who discovered static electricity in 600 BC?

A philosopher named Thales discovered it when he rubbed a cloth on a hard-fossilized material called Amber it would pick the straw in his barn up.

When did thales of milletus discover electricity?

Thales discovered static electricity by rubbing a peice of amber against a silk cloth.

What happened when thale rubbed the amber with silk cloth?

when amber is rubbed with silk cloth +ve charge comes on silk cloth and -ve on amber due to interaction between their molecules, so is that when we comb our hairs , then -ve charge comes on comb and +ve on hairs,so when we bring silk cloth near the comb they attract each other due to 'ving opposite charges

Who invented the electrosatic generator?

The Greeks first wrote about static electricity generation. A silk cloth rubbed on an amber rod.

When was Greek static electricity found?

over 2500 years ago when they rubbed amber with cloth it attracted small objects

What will happened to the sand if you placed the balloon rubbed with woolen cloth near it?

the sand would stand up

What will happen if a glass ruler is rubbed vigorously on a woolen cloth?

A plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woolen cloth

When a glass rod is rubbed with a silk cloth which substance looses electron?

Silk Cloth

Amber was used by the greeks to study what?

The Greeks used the amber to study the concept of magnetism for the first time . They observed that it acquires a strange property of attracting tiny bits of papers,metal pieces etc. when rubbed with a piece of wool .this strange characteristic of it made the further discoveries possible.+++That's not magnetism but static electricity, the charge being developed by rubbing the amber with the dry cloth. Amber is non-magnetic.

What is thales experiment?

Thales of miletus (an ancient greek city) experimented with electromagnetics and in that way created what today we know as static electricity. He waved a rod over a cloth with thingees on it and created electromagnetics.

What kind of electric charge gets developed on the glass rod when it is rubbed with a piece of silk cloth?

When glass rod is rubbed with silk cloth it becomes positively charged and the silk cloth becomes negatively charged. This is because the glass rod looses electrons to the silk cloth which makes it positive and the silk cloth becomes negative.