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You get an even number

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Q: What happens if you add four numbers odd together?
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What happens when you add 3 numbers together?

You can add 3 numbers (or any quantity of numbers) and get a sum.

What happens when you get two numbers in the median?

you add them together and divide them by 2

How do you find the average of four numbers?

add them together and divide them by 4

How do you find percentage in a histogram?

To find the percentage in a histogram you need to add the numbers together and divide how many numbers you have. For example, if you have four customers that spend $20, $25, $30, and $35, you would add the totals together and divide by four.

What are four consecutive numbers that add up to -14?

-2, -3, -4, -5. When these numbers are added together you will get -14.

What two numbers multiply together to equal -32 and add together to equal 2?


Which two square numbers give a total of thirty four when they add together?

9 and 25

What is a standard form?

Its when you add all the numbers together

What does it mean answer to a sum?

To add the numbers together is the sum!!!! to add the numbers together is the sum!!!!

What does it mean to find the total?

It requires you to add the numbers together.

What symbol would you use to add two numbers together?

The plus sign, +, is used to add two numbers together. It is one of the four basic arithmetic operations along with:Subtract, -Multiplication, x or *Division, / or ÷

What does mean in math stand for?

A mean is an average:it is part of the four averages,median,mode,range and mean.To find the mean of a group of numbers,you add the numbers together and divide by the amount of numbers added together.