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you add them together and divide them by 2

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Q: What happens when you get two numbers in the median?
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What happens when the median has two numbers?

When the median has two numbers, you add the two together and divide by 2 . The median doesn't really have 'two numbers'; you are talking about finding the median of a set of numbers that contains an even number of numbers. The median is half-way between the two.

What happens when you are left with two numbers of the same value how do you work out the median?

If the two numbers are the same value, then that is the median.

What happens when 2 numbers are the median?

When there are an even number of data items, there are two numbers in the middle.In this case the median is the mean average of the middle two numbers.

What happens to the median when you come up with two answer?

when you have an even amount of numbers while trying to find the median, you first find the two numbers that are at the median and then take all the numbers between them and find the median of that. if that amount of digits is also even, then you must have a decimal median.

What happens if the median is two numbers?

This will happen if you have an even number of numbers. In this case you take the average of the two central numbers.

What happens if you end up with a even number with the median?

You take the arithmetic mean of the middle two numbers.

What do you do when your trying to find the median of two numbers?

if you are trying to find the median and there is two middle numbers, you add the two Numbers together and divide is by two.

What if the data set was even and the numbers were the same for the median?

You then add the two middle ones and divide by two to get the median. If the numbers are the same then that is your median.

How do you find the median if there isn't a median?

You add the two numbers in the middle of your range and then you divide them by two, or just find the number that is halfway between the two numbers, and you then have your median.

How do you find the median when two numbers are in the middle?

If the two numbers are that same in the middle than the median is that number.However if the two numbers are different then you just find the average of those two numbers.

What is the median of 0.350 and 0.43?

0.39 is the median of the two numbers.

What happens if there is an even number of factors when you try and get the median?

Average the two middle numbers. Meaning add them together and divide by two, essentially finding the middle of the two middle numbers.