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Q: What happens when priority is set to real time?
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How do you set a process to real time priority?

Go to task manager and go to the processes tab, then right click on the process and select Priority>Realtime

On Animal Crossing City Folk what time does February turn to March?

Same time it does in real life. You should have set the time to the right time. Then it will happen at the same time it happens to us.

Why would you set the priority of an email to 'high'?

When the contents of the email are of high priority to the recipient.

What happens if the sun does not set 1 day?

Then we'd all be in real trouble -

What is meant by Aperture priority?

Aperture Priority has the camera set the shutter speed for you allowing you to set the aperture and it will set what shutter speed it thinks is best for your current light situation.

What is the process with priority 0 in Windows?

Pririty zero can be set from the task manager. It is the lowest priority of a process. Process with priority zero will be processed least.

How do you you set the boot priority sequence in Windows 2000?

You don't. Boot priority is specifed by the BIOS, not Windows 2000.

What types of priority are available in email?

In gmail, you can set up priority inbox, but apart from that, I don't think so.

How does the kernel decide which request gets the higher priority?

Fire up task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del . Click on process tab. Right click on process you want to configure. Go to set priority option and set the priority you need.

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For example, to count the elements in a set that happens to have 33 elements.

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Set its priority to High