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An arithmetic operation happens.

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Q: What happens when someone adds carries or subtracts?
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What is a computer that adds and subtracts?

A calculator.

What does the Arithmetic Machine do?

It adds and subtracts numbers.

What subtracts to 23 and adds to 132?


What is the rule in comparing a set of fractions?

the top adds what the bottom adds. the top subtracts what the bottom subtracts. the top divides what the bottom divides. the top multiplies what the bottom multiplies.

What happens when you put vegetable oil in a recipe?

It adds fat and moisture to the recipe. Fat adds and carries flavor.

What multiplies to 20 and adds or subtracts to -8?


The distance of any object from fulcrum?

Adds or subtracts from the amount of force(PSI).

What adds up to give you 2 but subtracts to give you -3?


What happens if someone deletes you from yahoo and then adds you again?


What does a computer due?

It adds and subtracts 1's and 0's according to the binary notational system.

If you get a tattoo on your lower waist will it hurt?

Almost all tattoos hurt. It is the skill of the tattoo artist that adds or subtracts from the pain.

What device adds and subtracts numbers?

Many devices do so, or allow you to do so. Some of the more obvious ones are computers, calculators, and abacuses

Who reestablished the Catholic church?

Well, the Pope always adds ans subtracts churches, so He does. But the TRUE answers is God ,Mary, and their Son Jesus.

What is an accounting machine?

Before the days of automatic calculation, an accounting machine was a business machine using keys or stored data which tabulates, adds, subtracts, and totals.

What is the difference between center tapped and normal transformer?

Transformers can have multiple taps to increase or decrease voltage and each tap either adds or subtracts windings to the transformer.

What carries amino acids and adds them to the growing protein?

Transfer RNA, or tRNA.

What happens when you click on virus adds?

if you click on virus adds your computer will stuff up and have virus

What type of RNA that carries amino acids and adds them to the growing protein?

Transfer RNA (tRNA)

What does this formula do equals D2-F4 plus E8D1 in Microsoft Excel?

The formula does the following, it takes value in cell D2 subtracts it from the value in cell F4 and then adds the values in cell E8 and D1.

Jacob thinks of a number if he multiplies it by 5 then subtracts 10 and finally adds 3 he gets 28 What is the number?

The number is 7................ 7x5=35..........35-10=25.....25+3=28

If someone adds 2 and 2 together what happens?

2 plus 2 equals 4. This is basic math taught in all schools around the world.

A type of RNA that carries amino acids and adds them to the growing protein is called?

tRNA (Transfer RNA)

If someone adds millions of small fish to the lake how would the number big fish change?

If someone adds thousands of small fish to a lake, how would the number of big fish change?

How do you program johnny's GPS?

To program Johnnys gps, each line on the grid represents 3 minutes. North adds 3, south subtracts 3. West adds 3 minutes and east subtracts 3 minutes. For example Dread Isle is at 24'00 N and 73'24W. Bermuda is six notches up and one to the left. Thats + 3minx6 North and + 3minx1 West. 24'00 + 18 min = 24'18 73'24+ 3 min = 73'27

What is the RNA in the cytoplasm that carries an amino acid to the ribosome and adds it to the growing protein chain?

tRNA; transfer RNA.