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i think it's water. i think it's water.

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Q: What has density of 1.0?
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What is the density at 10 bar pressure?

according to density=P/RT density at 10 bar=1e6 Pa is 11.6 Kg/M3

Why does the density of a solid change if you melt it?

Density= mass*volume if you have a wide but low volume, then the density changes. For example: you have a 10*10*10 cube. now you have a 10*10*1 cube. The first one is bigger.

If the weight of a substance is 10 grams and it has a volume of 2 cm3 what is the density?

density=mass/volume density=10/2=5g/cm3

If mass increases volume stays the same then density?

If the mass increases the volume will acctually be 10% larger then the density and mass. ( mass + density and then 10% of that is the volume.

What is the density of an actinium?

The density of actinium is 10 g/cm3.

What is actinium density?

The density of actinium is 10 g/cm3.

What is the density of 10 grams per liter and a mass of 50 grams?

The density is simply 10 grams per litre. The bit about "a mass of 50 grams" is irrelevant to the calculation of density.

Calculate the density of a 10g object with a volume of 10ml?

Density = grams/milliliters Density = 10 g/10 ml = 1.0 g/ml

What is the density of a block of aluminum that has mass 27 grams of and a volume 10 cubic cm?

The density is the mass per unit volume. So, the density = 27/10 = 2.7 grams/cc

What is population density of Hudson plains?

the population density of the Hudson Plains is 10%

What is the density of the 10 percent NaCl solution is?

This density is 1,0707 g/cm3.

What is the density of Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse has a density of about 1.119 × 10−8 that of our Sun. See related question

What is the density of a cube if it has 10 grams?

To get the density, you have to divide the mass by the volume. If you know only the mass, you can't calculate the density.

What is the density of 20g of a sample that has a volume of 10 cm3?

Density = mass/volume = 20/10 = 2 gcm-3

What is the density of a 10 kg mass that occupies 5 liters?

Density = 10 kg / 5 litres = 2 kg per litre.

If an object has a mass of 3 g and a volume of 10 cm3 what is its density?

3 g/10 cm3 = 0.3 g/cm3 and this is the density, since density is expressed as mass/volume.

An object has a mass of 45 g and a volume of 10 cm3 what is its density?

Density = mass / volume Given mass = 45 g and volume = 10 cm3 So density = 45/10 = 4.5 g/cm3

What is the density of 10 grams and 5ml?

Depends on what it is. Like density of 10 grams of flowers would be different than 10 grams of lead. Need more information.

If a mineral is 10 times heavier than water what is its specific gravity?

specific gravity = relative density ( relative to water) , so if the mineral is 10 times the density of water, then its specific gravity is 10

How many kilogram by 10 liters?

That depends on the density of the substance Since the density of water is about 1000 kg/m³ 10 litres water weights 10 kg

How many ml in 10 grams?

density value is missing. However, if water with density 1 gm/cc or 1 gm/ml, then 10 grams is equivalent to 10 ml.

What is air density and volumetric mass in A-10 thunderbolt II?

the air density is 40,000

What is the density of glycerin at 10 degree celsius?

The density is is 1,26699 g/cm3.

What is the density of a substance that has a mass of 10 grams and a volume of 2 cubic centimeters?

The density is 5 g/cm3. (10/6 reduced) Density is equal to the mass (weight) divided by the volume.

What is the density of a 25g piece of metal that has a volume of 10 cm cubed?

density = mass/volume,so the density of your metal is:25/10 = 2.5g/cm3 (grams per cm cubed)