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They will be both the same because the perimeter of the square is 32 units and the perimeter of the rectangle is also 32 units

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Q: What has the greater perimeter a square with side eight units or rectangle with length 14 units and width two units?
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What is the formula for the perimeter of a square and rectangle?

The perimeter of any rectangle is [ 2 x (length + width) ]. Since the length and width of a square are equal, the perimeter of a square is also [ 2 x (side + side) ] = (4 x side).

What is the difference between perimeter and area of polygon?

perimeter is the measure around the figure; area is the measure within the figure formula: perimeter: length+length+width+width=perimeter (for square or rectangle) area: length times width= area ( for square or rectangle)

How do you find breadth using perimeter and length?

If the shape is a rectangle (or square), then Perimeter = 2*(Length + Breadth) So Breadth = Perimeter/2 - Length

A rectangle has a length of 12m and a width of 6m what are the perimeter and area of this rectangle?

Perimeter is 36 mArea is 72 square m

Why is the perimeter of a square greater than the perimeter of a rectangle?

It is not. The perimeter of a 1 cm square is 4 cm. The perimeter of a 5 km * 15 km rectangle is 4000000 cm: a million times as large!

The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 feet and the area of the rectangle is 20 square feetWhat is the length of the rectangle?

Length: 4; Width: 5 or Length: 5; Width: 4

The length of a rectangle is twice its width the perimeter of the rectangle is 42ft find the area?

98 square feet

What are the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 36 and a area of 81?

Length = 9 Width = 9 Your rectangle is a square.

The area of a rectangle with a length of 8 inches is 48 square inches What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

28 inches

How do you find the perimeterof a rectangle in square feet?

If the dimensions of the rectangle are in feet, the perimeter will be in feet as well. The area will be in square feet. The area is length x width. The perimeter is 2 x (length + width) or 2 x length + 2 x width.

What is a perimeter of a rectangle with the width as 2inches and length as 9niches?

Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 x (length + width) = 2 x (2 + 9) = 2 x 11 = 22 square inches.

What is the side length?

it depends on what shape it is. square: perimenter/4 is one side's length. triangle: perminter/3 rectangle: perimeter/height = length or perimeter/length = height