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Squaring. Doubling is only multiplying a number by 2, whereas, squaring is multiplying a number by itself :)

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Q: What increase faster doubling a number or squaring?
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What is the opposite of squaring a number?

Finding the square root of it. Taking the square root. Not squaring it.

Is squaring a negative number a negative number?


What exponent is used for squaring a number?


To multipy a number by itself is called what?


What is the definition of squaring a number?

Multiplying it by itself.

What is To multilply a number by itself?

Squaring a number (x)2

What r you doing when you square a number?

Squaring a number means multiplying it by itself. For example, squaring the number 5 means multiplying 5 x 5.

How do you tell the difference between scientific notation and squaring?

Squaring is a number raised to the power of two. Scientific notation is a number multiplied by 10 to the power of a number.

What happens if you increase the current of the filament for an x-ray tube?

as you increase current, the number of electrons being produce by the cathode(filament) will also increase. e.g doubling the current(mA) will double the number of electrons being produced.

What do you mean by squaring a number and cubing a number?

squaring a number is when you times it by itself. eg. 2x2 or 5x5 cubing a number is when you times it by itself and then times it again. eg. 2x2x2 or 5x5x5

What is it called when raising a number to its second power?

It is called 'squaring' the number.

How is squaring a number different from the square root of a number?

squaring a number is when you times it by itself the square root of a number is the actual base number e.g the square root of 49 is 7 and 7x7=49

What is the product of squaring a whole number?

It is a perfect square.

What is the inverse of a squaring a number?

taking the square root

Is the square root the opposite squaring a number?


What is a spare number in math?

you find what number times its self equals the number you are squaring

Is it possible to make any number to one decimal place by doubling or near doubling?


How is squaring a number and finding a square root different?

Squaring a number is multiplying it by itself. Finding a square root is dividing, trying to find the two numbers that will multiply to make your original number.

What is the reverse operation to squaring a number called?

square root

To multiply a number by its self?

That is also called "squaring the number", or "raising the number to the second power".

How do you you undo the square root of a number?

This is basically undone by squaring the number.

What is the opposite of doubling a number?

The opposite of doubling a number is halving it. This is also known as multiplying by 1/2 or .5 or dividing by 2.

To multiply a number ny itself?

The definition of squaring a number is to multiply it by itself once.

What is it called when raising a number to the second power?

Taking a number to the second power is known as "squaring" the number.

What are the techniques of squaring numbers?

To square a number, you simply multiply it by itself.