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Q: What instrument measures the diameter inside the cylinder?
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Is the bore of a cylinder the circumference?

The bore of a cylinder describes is measurement, in millimeters or inches, of the inside diameter of the cylinder. The diameter is the width across.

How do you measure the bore diameter of the cylinder?

With a inside measuring micrometer

What instrument would you use to measure the diameter of a cylinder?

A vernier caliper

What is piston diameter?

A piston is a plunger, or a plug that moves inside a cube, a cylinder. The piston diameter is the diameter of this plunger/plug. It's a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the cylinder the piston moves in.

What is the volume of a glass cylinder with an inside diameter of 6.0 centimeters and height of 28 centimeters?

The volume of a glass cylinder with an inside diameter of 6.0 cm and height of 28 cm is 791.68 cubic cm.

How many inches in a 2inch diameter cylinder 6 inches tall?

There would be a total of 18.84in3 inside the cylinder.

What is the volume of a cylinder with a inside diameter of 150mm and a height of 1000mm?

The volume is 17,671,500 mm3

How can you find the bore diameter of the cylinder?

Use a caliper that's made for inside measurement.

Is there change in internal diameter of hollow cylinder on heating it?

Yes. If, as for most common substances, the outside diameter of the cylinder increases on heating, the inside diameter will increase by the same percentage. This fact is used to shrink-fit pulleys to shafts.

What is the uses of micro caliper?

It measures the inside or outside diameter of an object with a degree of accuracy in the microscopic range.

What is the outside circumference of a 36 inch pipe?

The answer depends on what the "36 inch" measures: inside circumference, radius, diameter?

What is the volume of a cylinder with an inside diameter of 6 cm and a height of 28 cm?

pie x r squared x height