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What involves no math?

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Well, you can use math in just about anything, but on a simple level, history, and writing do not use math too much.

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Is there math in meningitis?

There is no math in meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation, and is not mathematical in any way. Math involves numbers, and meningitis involves inflammation.

What does math involve?

math ha these sign in it so it involves these sign +, =, $, %, # and more.......

Why is a comic that involves math humorous?

Math humor is very high level humor. You have to know math to get it.

What job involves no math?

a nail artist

Is math important in everyday life?

Yes everything involves math. Everything you do involves some math whether you do it voluntarily or not. Every step you take is a judgement of the distance that you wish to travel. Waking up to your alarm clock in the morning is you judging the number of hours you sleep. Everything you buy or sell involves math.

What subjects did George Washington like?

math because he measured lands and that involves math

What is a math poem?

A math poem is simply what it sound like--a math poem, a poem that involves math in some way. perhaps explaining a math problem.

What is The branch of math that involves expressions with variables?

it is the something

What is calculas?

its a type of math that involves algebra and trigonometry.

Do the astrologers use math?

Yes astrology involves math. Especially geometry for understanding planetary relationships.

Is it true that if you are good at math you will have problems with physics?

No, that's ridiculous, physics involves math - as do most sciences.

How is lacrosse related to math?

Lacrosse is related to math because it involves degrees, and you have to know feet and measurement and stuff.

Necessary of Math?

math is neccasary because when you get older you have to use it everyday like buying things and maybe your job involves math. it is very important

Why can't math be disputed?

Math usually involves only one solution; however, math is still disputed. Consider the debate if 0.999... = 1

What does complementry events mean in math?

Involves two or more events

What area of math involves describing and the evaluating numerical data?


What does soccer have to do with math?

Come on, everything involves math. (I suppose besides abstract things) I don't even know where to begin.

What are the school subjects you can do well in if you are good at math?

Physical Science involves alot of math, and you might look into physics too

What job do you use math in?

all of them, every job involves some sort of math, however accountancy and financial jobs tend to use the most amount of math

What is geometric figures?

these involves geometry and math it is the shape for example the circle and the square...................

What is the definition of math expression?

something that involves addition subtraction multiplication or division

What math classes do chefs need?

You need math because everything deals with math.Answereverything in the world involves math... no matter where you go you need math so any level of math is very necessary to know mostly measurement and ratio equivalents

How does math help the economy?

every single job involves some type of math so if we didn't know math then no one would make money because we wouldn't be able to do our jobs. math is EVERYWHERE!!!!!

What kind of job involves math?

Oh my dear boy I'm 87 years old and I know that all jobs include math!

What type of doctor involves science and math?

I believe it is all doctors because everyone of them requires a math pre-requisite along with calculus