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Twelve plus two tenths plus five thousandths equals twelve and two hundred five thousandths.

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Q: What is12 plus 0.2 plus 0.005 in word form?
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What is .0005 in word form?

five ten-thousandths.

What is the plural for the word plus?

The plural form of plus is pluses.

How do you write 2 plus 0.1 plus 0.003 in word form?

I donโ€™t know

How do you write 400 plus 10 plus 0.3 plus 0.02 in word form?


What is 60 plus 8 plus 0.4 in word form?

Sixtyeight point four.

What is the answer to three plus four in word form?


Is a combining form a word root plus?


What is 12 plus 0.02 plus 0.005 in word form?

Twelve and twenty five thousandths.

How do you write 80 plus 4 plus 0.2 in word and standard form?

In word form, we write eighty-four and 2 tenths.In standard form, we simplify the expression to get 84.2.

A word root plus a vowel is known as a?

combining form

What is 2 plus 3 equals 5 in word form?

two plus three equals five

What is the expanded form of 834209 in word form?

Eight hundred thirty-four thousand, two hundred nine.

How do you write 6 plus 0.8 plus 0.09 in word form?

Six plus zero point eight plus zero point zero nine.

How do you write 4 plus 711 in word form?

"Four plus seven hundred and eleven" or "Four plus seven one one".

What is 5 plus 0.007 in word form?

5 plus 0.007 = five plus seven thousandths = five and seven thousandths or 5.007

What is the root word of cuneiform means?

This word comes from the Latin word cuneus which means 'wedge shaped'. Plus -form

How do you write 200 plus 50 plus 5 in word form?

two hundred plus fifty plus five equals two hundred fifty-five

How do you write 3 plus 01 plus 0.006 in word form?

3 + 0.01 + 0.006 = 3.016 in word form = three a nd sixtee n thousa ndths

How do you write 5 plus 0.08 plus 0.004 in word form?

five plus eight hundredths plus four thousandths equals five and eighty four thousandths

What prefix could be added to this root word to form a word that matches the definition plus morphic having many forms?


How do you write out 3 plus 0.1 plus 0.006 in word form?

three plus one tenth plus six thousandths equals three and one hundred and six thousandths

How do you write 5 plus 0.007 in word form?

5 plus 0.007 = 5.007 or five and seven thousandths.

How do you write 0.001 plus 0.0007 in word form?

zero and seventeen ten thousandths

What does the word expanded form mean?

Nuumbers with plus signs in between each number

What is 300000000 plus 70000000 plus 2000000 plus 500000 plus 10000 plus 2000 plus 800 plus 5 in word form?

Three hundred seventy two billion, 54 million, 2 thousand eight hundred and five.