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0.0005 written as a fraction is 1/2000.

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Q: What is 0.0005 written as a fraction?
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What is 00005?

00005 = 5

If 002 is two thousandths what is 00005?

.00005 is five one hundred thousandths.

What percent is 25 of 50000000?


How many meters are there in .00005 centimeters?


How do you write .00005?

Five hundred-thousandths.

What is .00005 divided by 4?


How do you write 50 millionths of an inch?


How do you write the percentage for .00005?

It is: 0.00005*100 = 0.005%

50 micrograms is equal to how many grams?

.00005 grams

Fifty milimeters equal how many kilometers?

50mm= .00005 km

How do you say .00005?

Five hundred thousandths

How is 0.05498 written as a fraction?

0.05498 written as a fraction is 2749/5000

What is 2.625 written as a fraction?

2.625 written as a fraction is 21/8.

How is 0.320 written as a fraction?

8/25 is 0.320 written as a fraction.

What is 0.0925925926 written as a fraction?

0.0925925926 written as a fraction = 92592593/1000000000

What is 3.085714286 written as a fraction?

3.085714286 written as a fraction = 3085714286/1000000000

.28 written as a fraction?

7/25 is .28 written as a fraction.

What is 198 written as a fraction?

198 written in fraction = 198/1

What is 0.315 written as a fraction?

0.315 written as a fraction = 63/200

What is 123.45679 written as a fraction?

123.45679 written as a fraction is 12345679/100000.

What is 130 written as a fraction?

130 written as a fraction is 130/1

What is 14.875 written as a fraction?

14.875 written as a fraction is 119/8.

What is 73 written as a fraction?

73 written as a fraction = 73/1

What is 0.135 written as fraction?

0.135 written as fraction is 27/200

Why is 12 in a fraction?

It is not in a fraction: it is written as an integer!