What is 0.32 percent written s a decimal?

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0.32 percent written as a decimal is 0.0032.

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Q: What is 0.32 percent written s a decimal?
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What s 48 percent as a decimal?

48% as a decimal is 0.48

What is 6.94 percent as s decimal?


What s 64.8 percent as a decimal?


How is 349 hundredths written in decimal form?

349 hundredth s is written as 0.00349 in decimal

What is the decimal for 33 and 1third percent?

The decimal for 33 1/3 % is 0.3333333333333333... (the 3's are recurring - it is an infinite decimal).

What is 44 percent 13 percent and 29 percent as a decimal?

All %'s mean is number/100 so, 0.44 ==

What is seven tenth s written as a decimal?


What has the author R S Heritage written?

R. S. Heritage has written: 'Learning decimal currency'

How do you write 0026 as a percent?

dupa. What does it mean? butt...i forget what language. this is a cute way to remember how...that our teacher tought us. Ok, DuPa. D=Decimal P=Percent. How many butt cheeks? 2 so to go from a Decimal to a percent you move the decimal 2 forward. On the Other hand, Percent to Decimal is move the decimal place back 2 (#s) So in this case 0026. The decimal point is at the end because it is a whole number. Now you move it twice forwards to make it a decimal to Percent. So... 0026.00 ^ So the percent is 2600%

What is seven over nine as a percent?

The fraction 7/9 can be represented as a decimal with an infinite number of 7's after the decimal point. As a percent, we can multiply the decimal by 100 and find that 7/9 is equivalent to 77.(7)%, where (7) indicates an infinite number of 7's repeated.

Can a fraction be written as a non-terminating decimal?

No, not all fractions can be written as a non-terminating decimal. For instance, 1/3 has infinitely many 3's in the decimal places.

What percent is 51cent of 27 dollars?

51 cents= 1.8888888 (infinite 8's, unterminating decimal) percent of 27 dollars.

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