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Q: What is seven tenth s written as a decimal?
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What digits do i use to write the decimal number ten and one tenth?

You would use two number 1's and a decimal point. It would be written as 1.1

What is 0.32 percent written s a decimal?

0.32 percent written as a decimal is 0.0032.

How is 349 hundredths written in decimal form?

349 hundredth s is written as 0.00349 in decimal

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Can a fraction be written as a non-terminating decimal?

No, not all fractions can be written as a non-terminating decimal. For instance, 1/3 has infinitely many 3's in the decimal places.

How probability is usually written?

P(s) = s/t where success = s and total outcomes = t instead of a fraction it can be written as a decimal.

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