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then simplify

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Q: What is 12 and seven twelfths minus 5 and one ninth?
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What is ten twelfths minus one fourth?

seven twelfths

What is three fourths minus one sixth?

seven twelfths

What is seven twelfths minus one third?

7/12 minus 1/3 is 1/4.

What is four twelfths minus two ninths?

4/12 - 2/9 = 1/9 or one ninth.

What is two twelfths minus one ninth?

6/36 - 4/36 = 2/36 or 1/18

What is two quarters minus two thirds?

Two quarters minus two thirds is negative one sixth. Two quarters is six twelfths, and two thirds is eight twelfths. Six twelfths minus eight twelfths is minus two twelfths or minus one sixth.

What is seven ninths minus two thirds?

one ninth

What is seven ninths minus one ninth?


What is ten twelfths minus one third?

six twelfths

What is 12 seven twelfths minus 5 one ninth?

127/12 - 51/9 = 151/12 - 46/9 = 453/36 - 184/36 = 269/36 = 717/36

What is two ninths minus one ninth?

Two ninths minus one ninth is one ninth.

What is one minus eleven twelfths?

one minus eleven twelfths = 1 - 11/12 = 12/12 - 11/12 = 1/12

What is seven twelfths minus one sixth?

7/12 - 1/6 = 7/12 - 2/12 = 5/12

What is seven twelfths and one third in simplest form?

it is eleven twelfths

What is two third minus one ninth?

two thirds minus one ninth equals five ninths in its simplest form

What is five sixths minus three forth as a fraction?

You change five sixths into ten twelfths and three quarters into nine twelfths. Then you subtract the nine twelfths from the ten twelfths, which equals one twelfth.

What is three and five twelfths subtract one and seven twelfths?

1 and 10/12

How Do You Reduce one and seven twelves?

One and seven twelfths cannot be reduced.

What is two thirds minus seven twelfths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/3 - 7/12 = 1/12 or one twelfth.

What is five twelfths minus one sixth?

3/12 or 1/4

What is one third minus one ninth?

1/3 minus 1/9 is 2/9.

What is eight minus one and one ninths?

Eight minus one and one ninth equals six and eight ninths.

What is 8 minus six and one ninth?

- 1.9

What is three twelves minus four twelves?

Three twelves is 36. Four twelves is 48. 36 - 48 = -12. Three twelfths - fourth twelfths equals minus one twelfth.

Is one and seven twelfths in simplest form?