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Q: What is 14 over five in a fraction?
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What is an example of five over seven as an equivalent fraction?


What is thirteen over fourteen minus five over seven?

3/14 as a fraction, or 0.2142 as a decimal.

Is the fraction 7 over 8 or the fraction 14 over 15 greater?

14/15 is greater

Is five over five an improper fraction?

No its one.

A fraction equal to five sevenths?


what fraction falls between five fourteenths and five sevenths?


What is 2 over 14 as a fraction in its simplest form?

2 over 14 as a fraction in its simplest form is 1/7

What fraction is equivalent to five sevenths?

As a fraction 5/7 is equivalent to 10/14

What is 14 percent as a fraction?

14 over 100 or 7 over 50

What is the answer for this fraction zero over five?


What is an equivalent fraction for 5 over 14?

An equivelant fraction for 5/14 is 10/28.

What is the reciprocal of the fraction 14 over 3?

It is 3/14.

What answer is 6 over 7 plus 1over2 as a fraction?

19/14 as an improper fraction 15/14 as a mixed fraction

How do you change 1 4 over 5 to a fraction?

you get 14 over five 5 goes into14 2 times so the answer is 2 and 4 over 5

Witch fraction is greater five wholes and six over seven or five point five?

Five wholes and six over seven is shown as 5 6/7. In fraction form, 5.5 is 5 5/10 or 5 1/2. You can see from looking at the fractions that 5 6/7 is larger, but here's how it breaks down: The least common multiple of 7 and 2 is 14. You will multiply the fractions in order to have both over 14. This leaves you with 5 12/14 and 5 7/14.

What fraction is equivalent to 14 over 17?

14/17 is the simplest fraction you can use to represent 14 over 17. The two numbers have no common factors.

What is 7 over 14?

7 over 14 is a fraction that reduces to 1/2.

What is the simplest fraction of 13 over 14?

13/14 = 13/14

What is 14 over 10 has a fraction?

14/10 as an improper fraction in lowest terms is 7/5

What is 5 over 8 as a fraction?

5 over 8 as a fraction is 5/8 or, five eights.

Is 13 over fourteen fraction a simplest form fraction?

Yes, 13/14 (or 13 over 14) is reduced to its simplest form.

What are five equivalent fractions of 7 over 8?

Multiply the top and the bottom of the fraction by the same number and you will get an equivalent fraction. For example 7*2 over 8*2 is 14 over 16 which is equivalent to 7 over 8. Do the same with 3,4,5 and 6 in place of the 2 and you will get five equivalent fractions!

What is the equivalent fraction of two over ten?

one over five

What is four over five fraction as a decimal?


What is the fraction two over five as a percent?