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Q: What is 15 increased by the number x?
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What is the algebraic expression for twice the number,x, increased by 15?


Find the number which when multiplied by 15 is increased by 196?

Let the number be x.15 * x= x+196Then, 15x - x =196‹=› 14 x= 196‹=› x = 14.

whats the answer to 15 increased by two times a number, x?


A number x increased by 5 and then tripled?

3(x+5) or 3x+15

What is a number increased by nine is fifteen?

Set up your equation: X+9=15. Then subtract 9 from 15. You get 15-9=6. Your answer is 6.

What is a number increased by 12?

x + 12. If the unknown number is represented by x, the expression for a number increased by 12 would be x + 12.

3 times a number increased by 10?

3x+30let x = "a number"(x+10) = "a number increased by 10"3(x+10) = "3 times a number increased by 10"Expand: 3x+30

Twice a number increased by 7 is 15?

2x + 7 = 15 Subtract 7 from both sides: 2x = 8 Divide both sides by 2: x = 4

What is a number increased by 10?

Let x = the numbernumber increased by 10 = x + 10

A certain number decreased by 4 is equal to 8 increased by the quotient of the same number and 5 and 7 or 11 are not the answer What is the number?

So let's call the number we are looking for x. x-4 is the number decreased by 4 quotient of the number and 5 is x/5 so x-4=8+ x/5 we have 5x-20=40+x and 4x=60 so x=15 Let's try it? 15-4=11 8+15/5=11

Write an equation for three times a number increased by 32 is the same as four times the number decreased by 15 Find the nu?

3x+32=4x-15 3x-4x=-15-32 x=-47

What is Four increased by a certain number?

A certain number increased by 4