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2 hexagons and 1 half hexagon, equals 2.5 as a fraction (in decimal form).

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Q: What is 2 hexagons and one-half of a hexagon equal a fraction?
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Do hexagons have 6 equal angles?

Only equiangular and regular hexagons have six equal angles. Hexagons do not have to have six equal angles, and the only way a hexagon can have six equal angles if it is equiangular or regular.

Do all hexagon have 6 equal angles?

All hexagons have six angles and six sides.If the sides are all equal and the angles are all equal, then it's called a regular hexagon.

How do you split a hexagon into 8 equal parts?

The hexagon can be split into 8 equal trapezoids by creating a smaller hexagon (exactly one half the size) within the hexagon. Draw lines through the center of the hexagon from opposing vertices, and connect the midway points. The space between the two hexagons is filled by six equal trapezoids, and the smaller hexagon bisects to form two more. (see the related link for drawing)

Do hexagon have two sides equal length and two sides different length?

Hexagons have six sides, not four. Any number of them can be of the same length.

What is the hexagon similarities of the square?

A hexagon is a 6 sided polygon with interior angles that add to 720 degrees. Regular hexagons have sides of equal length and interior angles of 120 degrees. Beehive cells are hexagonal

How many sides does a hexago have?

The prefix -hex means "six". Therefore, a hexagon has six sides. A regular hexagon is made up of equal sides and equal angles and is the most common. Many irregular hexagons exist and their criteria are dependent on the form they take.

What polygon is a hexagon?

Yes if all the sides are equal in length In addition, all the angles also need to be equal.

Do right triangles and hexagons both have all sides of equal lengths?

Only when they are equilateral triangles and regular hexagons that both will have sides of equal lengths.

What is a polygon with 6 equal sides called?

A polygon with 6 equal sides is called a regular hexagon.

How many equal lines does a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon has 6 equal lines which are its sides

Shape with 6 equal sides?

A hexagon.

What does a hexagon equal up to?

Depends on what kind of hexagon it is.