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Q: What is 310 add 7100 as a single fraction using decimal notation?
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What does express as a fraction mean?

This means that you should write your answer using fractional notation as opposed to decimal notation. For example, you would write 1/4 instead of .25 .

What is a fraction written using a decimal point called?

It is called a [decimal] fraction.

What notation is a way to write numbers using powers of ten?

Decimal notation is.

6.03 using a decimal fraction.?

6.03 IS expressed using decimal form!

Word problem using a decimal notation?


What is 0.999 repeation decimal using bar notation?


How do you write the decimal 0.384333 using the bar notation?

................................................................._0.384333 using the bar notation = 0.3843(the bar should be placed above the repeated decimal. In this case, it should be above the 2nd 3 from the decimal point.

What tools can represent decimal values?

Some common tools used to represent decimal values include: Decimal notation: This is the most common and widely used way to represent decimal values, using a decimal point followed by digits from 0-9. Fraction notation: Decimal values can also be represented as fractions, where the numerator is the decimal value and the denominator is a power of 10. Scientific notation: Decimal values can be represented in scientific notation, where a number between 1 and 10 is multiplied by a power of 10. This is particularly useful for very large or very small decimal values.

What is 5.92111 repeating decimal using bar notation?

_ 5.921

If you are using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do you know when to stop dividing?

if you r using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do u know when to stop dividing

How do you change a fraction to mixed decimal?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, you divide the numerator by the denominator - on a calculator, or using long division.

Can yo give a list of approximations?

All irrational numbers are approximations. Thus PI and the decimal notation for one third (1/3) are both approximations. Note that the fraction 1/3 is not an approximation, it is precise, but it is not possible to notate precisely using decimal notation because it extends into infinity (0.3333333333...).