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3 equivalent fraction for 2/5 = 4/10, 6/15, 8/20

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Q: What is 3 equivalent fraction for two fifths?
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Related questions

Are two-thirds and sixteen twenty-fifths equivalent fractions?

No - an equivalent fraction to 2/3 would be 16/24.

What is the improper fraction equivalent to 3 and two fifths?

improper fraction equivalent to 3 and two fifths = 17/53 and 2/5= 3 + 2/5= 15/5 + 2/5= 17/5 in improper fraction

What is the equivalent fraction to six tenths?

3 fifths

What fraction is equivalent to 2 and 3 fifths?


Which fraction is equivalent to 3 2 fifths?


What are equivalent fractions of twenty-one thirty fifths?

3/5 is the simplified equivalent fraction.

What is two thirds of three fifths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/3 x 3/5 = 2/5 or two fifths.

What is an equivalent fraction to 3 fifths?

It is a fraction of the form (3*k)/(5*k) where k is any non-zero integer.

Three-fifths in a decimal?

Three-fifths, also written 3/5 is the decimal equivalent of 0.6. To get this divide the numerator of the fraction (3) and divide it by the denominator (5). 3 divided by 5 is 0.6 so three fifths is also 0.6.

What is an equivalent fraction to three fifths?

An equivalent fraction to three fifths or 3/5 is simply found by either multiplying or dividing both of the digits by the same number. For example, if I multiply 3 and 5 by 2, the equivalent fraction would be 6/10. If I multiplied them both by 3, then it would be 9/15. You could even multiply it by 100=300/500.

What is 3 and two fifths as an improper fraction?


What is three fifth as a fraction equal to?

Three fifths as a fraction is 3/5 and is equivalent to 6/10 or 0.6 as a decimal

What is the equivalent fraction for 5.6?

If your looking for a mixed fraction, the answer is 5 wholes, and 3 fifths. If your looking for a improper fraction, the answer is 28/5.

What is the equivalent fraction for three fifths?

It is any fraction of the form (3*k)/(5*k) where k is a non-zero integer.

What is three and two fifths written as a fraction?

3 2/5

What is a fraction between one fourth and two fifths?


What is an equivalent fraction for 3 fifths?

3/5 = 6/10 = 12/20 = 24/40 and so forth.

A fraction equivalent to three fifths?


What is an equivalent improper fraction for 3 and 2 fifths?

5 x 3 =15 +2=17 : 17 over 5.

What fraction is equivalent to two-thirds?

One fraction equivalent to 2/3 is 4/6

What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

What is one fraction between one fourth and two fifths?

3/10 (Three tenths)

What equivalent fractions are equivalent to three fifths?

Just multiply the 3 by anything and the 5 by the same thing, and you'll get an equivelant fraction. For example, 3 times two is six, and 5 times two is ten, so six tenths (6/10) or 9/15 , or 12/20, etc.

What fraction is larger 2 fifths or 1 third and why?

Make them equivalent fractions with the same denominator then compare the numerators: 2/5 = 2x3/5x3 = 6/15 1/3 = 1x5/3x5 = 5/15 Two fifths is larger than one third as two fifths is equivalent to six fifteenths whereas one third is only equivalent to five fifteenths which is smaller than six fifteenths.

What fraction is equivalent to three fifths?

3/5 is equivalent to 5/10, 12/20, 9/15, and an infinite number of others.