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The digit '3' is in the hundredths place.

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Q: What is 4.737 in word form and the value 3?
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What is word form value of 3 in 4.737?


What is the value of 3 in 2346 in short word form?


Write the value of the underlined digit in short word form 137294 the underlined digit is 3?

Thirty thousand

How do you write the number 4.05 in word form?

What is the place value of 3 in 4.123

How do you write 253 in expanded form and word form?

Expanded Form: 200 + 50 + 3 Word Form: Two Hundred, Fifty-Three

What is three and three tenths in word form?

'Three and three tenths' is already in word form. The numeric form would be 3 3/10.

How do you put place value of decimals in word form example 54.039?

54.039 in word form is fifty-four and thirty-nine thousandths. The 0 is in tenths place. The 3 is in hundredths place. The 9 is in thousandths place.

Is the absolute value of -3 is denoted by plus 3 or 3?

The absolute value of negative 3, or -3, can be written as |-3|. Being the positive form of the number, the answer can be written as 3 or as +3.

What is the value of 3 in 4.737 form?

It is: 0.03 = 3/100 or three hundredths

When is a value called absolute?

In mathematics, the absolute value of a given number is the positive form of the number, for example, if the answer to a problem turns out to be plus or minus 3, then the absolute value is 3.

How do you write 003 in decimal word form?

003 = 3 and in word form it is "three". There is no such thing as a decimal word!

3 612 in word?

3 612 in word form is three thousand six hundred twelve.

What is the word form of all the numbers in 3 3.100?

There are infinitely many numbers in the interval (3, 3.100). It is, therefore, impossible to list them all - in word or numeric form.

What is .3 in word form?

Normally expressed as 0.3, it is equal to 3/10, three tenths in word form.

How do you write write 0.3 in expanded form?

Expanded form:Write the number as the sum of the valuesof the digits.The value of the ones digit, 0, is 0 · 1 = 0.The value of the tenths digit, 3,is 3 · 0.1 = 0.3.The only non-zero value in this numberis in the tenths place. Traditionally,expanded form does not show a 0 in aplace-value position. So, in this case, theexpanded form can be left as 0.3.

If the HCF of 144 and 180 is expressed in the form of 13m-3 find the value of 'm'?

If you mean the HCF of 144 and 180 equals 13m-3 then the value of 'm' is 3

How do you write 3 in word form?


How do you write 3.087 in word form?

3 and 87 thousandths.

How many bases form one word of the rna message?

3 nitrogenous bases form one "word" of a mRNA's message.

How do you write 164.38 expanded form?

164.38 = (1 x 100) + (6 x 10) + (4 x 1) + (3/10) + (8/100)

What is a 3 letter word for poetic form?


How would you say 3 in word form?


How do you write -3 in word form?

negative three

What is 3 tenths in word form?

Three tenths.

How do you say 0.003 in word form?

3 thousandth