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Think about lxl > 3: x can be >3 or <-3. Now lxl < 3: x is <3 and >-3.

If the variable is on the left, > goes with or. < goes with and.

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Q: How can you tell whether an absolute value inequality is equivalent to a compound inequality with the word and or to a compound inequality with the word or?
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How do you decide whether a number is a solution of an inequality?

Substitute the number in place of 'x' in the inequality, and see whether the statement you have then is true.

How do you decide if a number is a solution to the inequality?

Substitute the number in place of the variable, and see whether the inequality is then a true statement.

How can you tell whether the solution is an inequality?

That will all depend on what the question was!

How can the change in x affect the change in y in a inequality?

The answer depends on the nature of the inequality: whether it is linear, quadratic or has some other functional form.

Whether the CCl4 is ionic compound or covalent compound?

Covalent compound.

What is a social-conflict theorist looking for when studying the labor market?

Whether inequality exist

How do you know whether to use an open circle or a closed circle when graphing an inequality?

If the inequality is &gt; or&lt; then it is an open circle. If it is greater than or equal to or less than or equal to, it is a closed circle.

Each number below is a solution of the inequality 2x plus 3 and gt7 EXCEPT?

I don't see any numbers below.One method to solve this is to replace each of the numbers in the inequality, do the calculations, and then check whether the inequality is satisfied. Another method is to get the general solution for the inequality, then check with each of the numbers.

What determines whether a compound will be more soluble in hexane or in H2O?

The polarity of the compound determines whether it will be more soluble in hexane or in water.

What is slope-intercept inequality?

The slope-intercept inequality is an equation of the form y &lt; mx + c. The inequality can be reversed, and in both cases can be strict or not. In all cases the equality divides the Cartesian plane into two and the inequality determines which side of the straight line is the valid region, and whether or not the line itself should be included.

Suppose y is alone on the left side of an inequality After you graph the boundary how can you decide whether to include the boundary in the graph and which region to shade?

If the inequality is strict (&lt; or &gt;) then the boundary is not included. Otherwise (&acirc;&permil;&curren; or &acirc;&permil;&yen;), it is.

Which numbers in the set 2345 are the solutions to the inequality 16 3x 5?

That's not an inequality; an inequality needs a "greater than" or a "less than" sign. Those must have gotten lost when you typed the title. Anyway, basically you are supposed to replace the numbers one by one in the inequality, do the calculations, and see whether the resulting statement is true or not.

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