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It is: 45% of 360 degrees = 162%

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Q: What is 45 percent as an angle for circle graphs?
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What is 45 percent as an angle on a circle graph?

It is an angle of 162 degrees.

What is 45 percent in degrees?

That depends what it is 45 percent of. 45 percent of a full circle is equal to 360 x 0.45 = 162 degrees.

What angle measures 8 degrees?

It is an angle which is 1/45 of a whole circle.

What is 45 degrees angle?

It is an angle that divides a right angle in half. It measures an eighth of a circle or pi/4 radians.

What fraction of a circle is a 45 degree angle?

1/4Another Answer:-It is: 45/360 = 1/8 in its lowest terms

How many 45 degrees angle would it take to turn in a complete circle?

8 of them because 8 times 45 = 360 degrees which is a full turn of a circle

What angle measures 12.5 percent?

12.5% of 360 degrees = 45 degrees

What is a 45 degree angle?

a 45 degree angle is less than a 90 degree angle and more than a 30 degree angle Its like cutting a round Pizza into 8 equal slices, one of the slices is a 45 degree angle, two slices would be a 90 degree angle. 360 degrees is the circle of the whole pizza. It doesn't matter the size of the circle, or Pizza if its easier, the angles will still be the same.

What is 12.5 percent of a circle written in degrees?

45 degrees A circle has 360 degrees. 12.5% * 360 degrees = 0.125 * 360 degrees = 45 degrees

What is the measure of the arc of a circle intercepted by a central angle that measures 64 degrees?

64°/360° = 8/45 of the circle = 0.1777 (rounded, repeating)The arc's length is 8/45 of the circle's total circumference.

What is the measure of an angle that runs though one eighth of an circle?

360/8 = 45 degrees

What is the area of the shaded sector if the circle has a radius of 7 and the central angle is 45 degrees?


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