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It is simply: 4n as an algebraic term

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A number n times 4

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Q: What is 4 times n?
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What is n if 30 times n equals 120?


What is the expresstion of 4 times the difference of a number an 1 is equal to 6 times the sum of a number times 3?

4*(n + 1) = 6*n*3

What is n times 4 equals 9 plus n?


What is n times 4?

It depends what the n stands for as a variable.

How do you simplify 16 times 2 power of n times 10 times 2 to the power of n?


What is the answer to -2m to the fourth power times n to the 6thpower to the 2nd power?

The question is open to multiple interpretations but I think you mean [(-2m)^4] x (n^6)^2 = [(-2)^4](m^4)(n^12) = 16(m^4)(n^12) or 16 times m to the 4th power times n to the 12th power.

How do you solve M to the power of 4 times N to the power of 5 minus M to the power of 20 times N to the power of 21 m4 n5 - m20n21?

m^4 n^5 - m^20 n^21

How do you write two times n more than four?


What is 4 times some number n?

It is 4n

What is Three times the difference of the number and six increased by four times the number?

It is 3*abs(n - 6) + 4*n

Nine times the sum of 4 and a number?

9(4+n)Nine times the sum of 4 and a number is an expression and can not be evaluated.

What is the algebraic expression for eight times the product of negative four and a number?

It is 8*(-4)N which is -32N

What is the value of n in the equation 2 over 3 times n equals 4 over 9?

The question is ambiguous. Does "2 over 3 times n" mean 2/(3*n) or (2/3)*n

What is a algebraic expression for 4 times the sum of a number and 6008?

4*(n + 6008)

How many times does 4 go into 600?


The sum of 6 times a number n and 4 times a number n is -30 what is the number?

10n = -30 n = -3

How do you solve this equation A times n equals -7 plus n-1 times 4?

You have one linear equation in two unknown variables: A and n. There can be no solution.

Four times the sum of a number and 4?

If you are looking for an algebraic expression then here is the answer:Let the number be N4(N+4) is the expression.

10 multiplied by itself 4 times?

10000. Ten multiplied by itself n times is 1 followed by n zeros.

What is four times the sum of a number and 3?

4(N-3) is the formula, do the math from there and you get "N-3"

If N equals 16 minus 4 times 3 plus 22 then the value of N is?


What does n cubed mean?

n cubed = n times n times n

What is expression the four seven times four more than a number?

n = number. 47 * n + 4 or 47(n + 4)

What is the equation for Four less than -7 times a number is equal to 13 minus 6 times the number?

(-7)n - 4 = 13 - (6)n

Are all multiples of 8 also multiples of 4?

Yes. By definition a multiple of 8 is any number that can be expressed as 8*n, where n is an integer. But 8n=4*(2*n), and 2*n is an integer, when n is an integer. Because 8n equals four times an integer, 8n is a multiple of 4.

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