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The expression has no rational factors.

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Q: What is 5x2 - 20xy plus 10y2 factored?
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5x2 - 20xy plus 10y2?

5x2 - 20xy + 10y2 = 5(x2 - 4xy + 2y2) which cannot be simplified into rational factors.

What is 5x2-17x plus 7 factored?

5x2-17x+7 (5x-14.60327781)(x-0.4793444384) which is correct to 0.000000001 margin of error

What is the factor for the trinomial 5x square plus 11x plus 2?

5x2+11x+2 = (5x+1)(x+2) when factored

What is the factorization of 5x squared plus 56xy plus 11y squared?

5x2+56xy+11y2 = (5x+y)(x+11y) when factored

Factor the trinomial and enter your answer below Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order 5x2 - 16x plus 12?

5x2-16x+12 = (5x-6)(x-2) when factored

What is 5x2 plus 25x plus 30?

5x2 + 25x + 30 This expression describes a parabola, and can be factored out as follows: = 5(x2 + 5x + 6) = 5(x + 2)(x + 3)

What is the GCF of -6 5x2-13x?

If you mean what is 5x2-13x-6 when factored then it is: (5x+2)(x-3) otherwise the GCF is 1

How do you factor 5x2 plus 9x plus 13?

5x2 + 9x + 13 has no real factors.

How do you factor 5x to the second power minus 16x plus 12?

5x2-16x+12 = (5x-6)(x-2) when factored with the help of the quadratic equation formula

What is the factorization of 5x2 plus 9X plus 4?

5x2 + 9x + 4 = (x + 1)(5x + 4).

5X2 plus 10X plus 5?


How do you factor 5x2 plus 3-1?

5x2 + 3x - 1 does not have rational factors.

Is y equals 5x2 plus 2 a linear equation?

Assuming that the 2 in "5x2" is a power (5x2), then no, this is not a linear equation. It is a parabolic equation.

2x8 - 5x2 plus 3x plus 4?


What is 6x3-5x2 plus 7x3 plus 4x2?

The answer is 37.

When 5x2 5 is completely factored which is one of its factors?

If that's -5, the answer is 5(x - 1)(x + 1)

How do you Factor 5x2-46x plus 9?

5x2-46x+9 = (5x-1)(x-9)

2x3 plus 8x3-5x2 plus 8x2?

10x3 + 3x2

What are the factors of 10x2 - 36x plus 18?

10x2-36x+18 Divide all terms by 2: 5x2-18x+9 = (5x-3)(x-3) when factored

Factor the trinomial 5x2-18x plus 9?

5x2-18x+9 = (5x-3)(x-3)

Completely factor the expression 5x2 - 125?

If you mean 5x^2 -125 then it is 5(x^2 -25) when factored

What is the factor of 5x2 plus 23x plus 26?

(x + 2)(5x + 13)

What is the answer to 5x2 plus 37x plus -24 if you factor it?

(5x - 3)(x + 8)

What is the coefficient of the term of degree 1 in the polynomial 5x2 plus 7x10 - 4x4 plus 9x - 2?

= 5x2+70-16+9x-2 = 5x2+9x+52 = 5x2+9x1+52 This implies coefficient of degree 1 is 9. Ans.

How do you factor 5x2 plus 5x - 5 equals 0?

you would first do 10+5x-5=0, then 5x+5=0 and is factored by 5(x+1)=0. or if you want to know what x equals with, x=-1