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7v -14 = -7

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Maximillia Auer

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Q: What is 7v -14?
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How do you factor completely 49v2 plus 9-42v?

49v2 + 9 - 42v = 49v2 - 21v - 21v + 9 = 7v(7v - 3) - 3(7v - 3) = (7v - 3)2

What is the answer to 8-2-7v-1102?

It can be simplified to: -7v-1096

What is 98v squared - 200?


What is 8-V equals 7V?


What is the monomial of 35V?

the answer is 7v * 5

Factor 56v2 plus 121v plus 63?

56v2 + 121v + 63 = 56v2 + 49v + 72v + 63 = 7v*(8v + 7) + 9*(8v + 7) = (8v + 7)*(7v + 9)

What is the least common denominator of 7v 92v?


What is the value of reverse breakdown voltage for a silicon diode?


How do you simplify -33v 70-7v to solve for v?

If you mean: -33v = 70-7v then v = 70/-26 Otherwise not knowing the plus, minus or equal value of 70 it has no solution

What is the answer for -12 equals 2 plus 5v plus 2v?

-12=2+5v+2v ---> Add Like terms-12=2+7v ----> Subtract 2 from both sides-14=7v ---> Divide each side by 7-2=v-2=V is your final answer

How do you factor 14v2-33vr plus 18r2?

(6r - 7v)(3r - 2v)

If I were to replace my airsoft gun's 1500 mAh 7V battery with a 2500 mAh 7V battery would the gun shoot harder or faster or would it just last longer?

It would just last longer between charges.

What is the answer Solve the inequality for v 7v and gt 63 Simplify your answer as much as possible?

v * 7v > 637*v^2 > 63 v^2 > 9 v < -3 or v > 3.

An emitter follower has a voltage gain that is?

.7v less than unity for DC operation but unity for AC.

Where can you get an extra titanium watch band link for a Casio Pathfinder PAG80T-7V?

See related link.

How many potatoes do you need to light up a 7v light bulb?


What is the least common multiple of 7v92v?

The LCM of 7v and 92v is 644v The LCM of 7v9 and 2v is 14v9

How can i Simplify -(-3w-v)-2(4v-w)?

Multiply out the brackets and collect the like terms which simplifies to 5w-7v

What is the approximate value of a Browning A-5 shotgun 12 gauge Magnum with Serial No 7V 4550 in used but good condition?

50-525 usd

Why does the motor in the vacuum cleaner run slower when the 7.2V 1300mA rechargeable battery is replaced with a 7V 2100mA max. AC adapter?

because the voltage drop.

What is the year of a Browning auto 5 serial number 7V3237?

Your 7V prefix indicates that you have a browning auto-5 magnum shotgun that was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1967.

What resister is needed for a 9v power supply for a led?

The resistor required for a 9V power supply for an LED would be 270 Ohms. This assumes that the LED requires 25mA at 2V. The drop across the resistor would be 7V. (9V-2V) By Ohm's law, resistance is voltage divided by current, so 7V divided by 25mA is 280 Ohms. The nearest standard value is 270 Ohms. If you had a low current LED, such as 2.5mA, the resistor would by 2.7K Ohms.

Three conductors draw respectivly currents of 1A 2A 4A when connected in turn across a batteryif they are connected in series the same battery what would be the current?

If three resistors draw currents of 1A, 2A, and 4A across an unknown voltage V, then by Ohm's law, the resistances are V/1, V/2, and V/4.Place those three resistors in series, and the net resistance is V/1 + V/2 + V/4, which is 7V/4 ohms.Place a resistance of 7V/4 ohms across a voltage source of V, and (again by Ohm's law) you get a current of V over 7V/4, or 4/7 A.Note that you do not need to know V, because in the end, V cancels out.

How much watts are in a 7v battery?

There are zero watts in a 7 volt battery. Watts are the product of amps x volts. The amperage of the load connected tot he battery has to be stated. Batteries are usually rated in amp hours.

Why silicon is preferred over other materials in designing ic?

because1) knee voltage of silicon is .7V where as germanium has .3V 2)silicon breakdown take place at around 200 0C and germanium at 90 0C