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Cant do much with this one.

9r-4s / 9r+6s

9r-4s / 3(3r+2s)

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Q: What is 9r-4s over 9r plus 6s?
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Simplify -5r-9s plus 9r plus 3s-6?

You have to combine equal terms. -5r-9s+9r+3s-6 = -5r+9r-9s+3s-6 = 4r-6s-6

-9r plus 10r?

-9r plus 10r can be written as ( -9r + 10r) and the answer is r.

What is 3 plus 10-r plus 6r equals -3 plus 9r plus 5-5?

3+10-r+6r = -3+9r+0 13+5r = -3+9r 16 = 4r r = 4

How do you simplify 9r plus 3r2-5r 7?

Combine the ' 9r ' and the ' -5r ' . Replace them with ' 4r '.

What is Negative two n plus seven n minus r plus ten r?

It is 5n + 9r.

What is 9r squared-4s square over 9r plus 6s?

9r2-4s2/9r+6sIt looks like you can factors the numerator(3r + 2s)(3r - 2s) [This is the factored form of 9r2-4s2]Put this back into the equation(3r+2s)(3r-2s)/9r+6sYou can also factor the denominator3(3r+2s)Put this back into the equation(3r+2s)(3r-2s)/3(3r+2s)You can cancel out the 3r+2s on top and bottom because they are the same they equal 1. Therefore your final answer is3r-2s over 3You could go further and say this is...r-(2/3)seither one is correct

7r plus 3 plus 2r - 2?


What is the answer to 9 plus 5r-9r?


What is 83-9r?

83-9r = 74

How do you factor out the GCF of this expression 3G plus 18B plus 9R?

3(g + 6b + 3r)

16r to the 2nd power plus 81-72r equals?


LCM of r2-25 and r2 plus 14r plus 45?

The LCM is r^3 + 9r^2 - 25r - 225.

-9r equals 20 plus r?

-9r = 20 + rsubtract r from both sides-10r = 20divide both sides by -10r = -2

What is r plus 8r?

9r-- think of the 'r' as '1r' and add like you normally would.

How do you factor 9r squared minus 12r plus 4?

(3r - 2)(3r - 2) or (3r - 2) squared.

What is the answer of 9r equals 3r plus 6?

9r = 3r + 6 subtract 3r from both sides 6r = 6 divide both sides by 6 r=1 ■

how to factor the binomial eighty one r squared minus sixty four?

(9r - 8)(9r + 8)

What is -8R-R?


Is 5r plus 9r polynomial?

No. A polynomial is an expression of more than two algebraic terms, and usually contains different powers of the same variable.

How do you work out the problem 9r equals 3r plus 6?

9r = 3r+6 Subtract 3r from both sides: 6r = 6 Divide both sides by 6 to find the value of r: r = 1

What cc is 2002 kawasaki zx900f1 zx-9r?

The engine size of a 2002 Kawasaki ZX900FI Ninja ZX-9R motorcycle is 899cc (cubic centimeters).

What is 8 minus the product of 9 and r?

If we assume that "r" is unknown: -9r+8 or 8-9r It cannot be simplified further.

What would 2r 9r-5r-7r equal?

The answer is -r

What is the square root of 9r to the 8th power?

3r4, -3r4

What is the solution for 3r - 9r equals 18?

3r - 9r = 18 wright equaton -6r = 18 combine like terms r = -3 solve

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