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Equal in Variance

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Q: What is Assumptions for Variance Homogeneous?
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What is Assumptions for Variance Heterogeneous?

Unequal in Variance

Monopoly assumptions in economics?

sole supliers no close subsstitutes homogeneous lack of knowldge of buyers

Assumptions of CAPM?

Investors care about mean and variance of returns only.They have homogeneous expectations.They have identical investment horizons.There is unlimited borrowing and lending at the risk-free rate.All assets are marketable.Unlimited short sales are allowed.Investors are price takers.There are no taxes and no transaction costs.Assets are perfectly divisible.

What difference between a favorable variance and an unfavorable variance?

Favourable variance is that variance which is good for business while unfavourable variance is bad for business

What are the variances in a 4 variance analysis?

efficiency variance, spending variance, production volume variance, variable and fixed components

What is the difference between negative price variance and volume variance?

Negative price variance is when the cost is less than budgeted. Volume variance is a variance in the volume produce.

To conduct a t test for independent means ideally the populations should be both normally distributed and have the same?

The other assumptions are listed in the related link. The answer you are looking for is the same variance or standard deviation.

Which is not a measure of dispersion range or variance?


What factors causes Budget Variance?

There are 7 variances associated with a budget ( which are generally calculated for controlling purposes) 1- Material Price variance 2- Material Quantity variance 3- Labor rate variance 4- Labor efficiency variance 5- Spending variance 6- Efficiency variance 7- Capacity variance

How do you use variance analysis?

When data is homogeneous over k independent samples of size n_i for i=1,2,...,k, the pooled variance is given by s_p^2=((n_1-1) s_1^2+(n_2-1) s_2^2+⋯(n_k-1) s_k^2)/(n_1+n_2+⋯+n_k-k)

Assumptions of perfect competition?

this is a technical term which is used for no firm and consumer can directly affect the market price. Assumptions are: large no's of buyers and sellers. price taker price minimum perfect information homogeneous product perfectly elastics free entry or exits no transportation cost.

Can variance be negative?

Since Variance is the average of the squared distanced from the mean, Variance must be a non negative number.

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