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efficiency variance, spending variance, production volume variance, variable and fixed components

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Q: What are the variances in a 4 variance analysis?
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In an analysis of variance which is directly influenced by the size of the sample variances?

df within

In an analysis of variance is SS directly influenced by the size of the sample variances?

Yes it is.

What are adverse variances?

Adverse variances means unfavourable variance which is actual expenses are more than budgted variance.

Basic assumption in analysis of variance?

1- observations are from normally distributed populations. 2- observations are from populations with equal variances.

What is the F stat in regression analysis?

The F stat tests the equality of variances. It uses statistical tables for reference and is calculated with F = Variance 1 (max)/variance 2(min).

Why are variances generally segregated in terms of a price variance and an efficiency variance?

Efficiency Varian materials and direct labor, the variances were recorded in specific general ledger accounts.

What is the meaning of analysis of covariance?

A mix of linear regression and analysis of variance. analysis of covariance is responsible for intergroup variance when analysis of variance is performed.

What has the author Hardeo Sahai written?

Hardeo Sahai has written: 'Analysis of variance for random models' -- subject- s -: Analysis of variance 'The analysis of variance' -- subject- s -: Analysis of variance

What factors causes Budget Variance?

There are 7 variances associated with a budget ( which are generally calculated for controlling purposes) 1- Material Price variance 2- Material Quantity variance 3- Labor rate variance 4- Labor efficiency variance 5- Spending variance 6- Efficiency variance 7- Capacity variance

How do you calculate material price variances and what are the possible reasons for such variances?

Material Variance Cost Calculations: Standard (Budget) Price - Actual Price = Price Variance [Std (Budget) Price - Actual Price] / Std Price = Percent (%) Variance

Distinguish between analysis of variance and analysis of covariance?

) Distinguish clearly between analysis of variance and analysis of covariance.

Can additive variance have a negative value?

No. Variance is always positive and so the sum of variances must also be positive.

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