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It is probably a quiz question with nothing to do with mathematics.

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Q: What is Circle minus square equals triangle?
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The total degrees in a square minus the total degrees in a triangle equals how many degrees?


How do you verify if a point lies on a circle?

If ... the square of (the x-coordinate of the point minus the x-coordinate of the center of the circle) added to the square of (the y-coordinate of the point minus the y-coordinate of the center of the circle) is equal to the square of the circle's radius, then the point is on the circle.

What is a square root of a square?

Plus or minus the base. If the base is X and you square it, you get X2. If you take the square root of that, you get Plus or Minus X. This is because X*X equals X2 and -X*-X also equals X2.

What is the equation for average acceleration?

A equals Vf minus Vi divided by time equals triangle v divided by time

If sin2a plus cos2a equals 1 does sin2a minus cos2a equals 1 also ... 2 means square and a means alpha?

No. But sin2a equals 1 minus cos2a ... and ... cos2a equals 1 minus sin2a

How do you solve for x when it equals the square root of y to the fourth minus y?

If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

What number must you add to complete the square x2 plus 16x equals -7?

square root -5 minus 14 or - square root -5 minus 14

What is the length of the tangent line from the point 7 -2 to a point where it touches the circle of x2 plus y2 -10y -24 equals 0 on the Cartesian plane?

Equation of circle: x^2 +y^2 -10y -24 = 0 Completing the square: x^2 +(y-5)^2 = 49 Center of circle: (0, 5) Radius of circle: 7 Distance from (7, -2) to (0, 5) is 7*square root of 2 is hypotenuse of right triangle Using Pythagoras theorem: hypotenuse squared minus radius square = 49 Length of tangent line is the square root of 49 which is 7

Does An exterior angle of a triangle equals 180 minus the adjacent interior angle?

Yes it does. Good work!

What is x squared minus 7 equals 1?

square root of 8

5m² - 29 If m equals 2?

5 times 2 square equals 20 minus 29 equals -9

What is the area enclosed by a chord of a circle?

The area enclosed by a chord is equal to the area enclosed by a segment minus the area enclosed by the triangle with the same corners as the segment. To visualise it, draw a circle and put a chord on it. Label the chord AB and the centre of the circle C. The area of sector AB equal to the area of sector ABC minus the area of triangle ABC.