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A equals Vf minus Vi divided by time equals triangle v divided by time

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Q: What is the equation for average acceleration?
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Derive the equation for instantaneous average acceleration vector?

You have a contradiction in your question. Instantaneous acceleration is the acceleration at a certain moment in time. Average acceleration is the average over a time interval.

Can calculate average acceleration of an obj ect given change in velocity with respect to time?

Acceleration is the derivative of the velocity expression. If you have an equation for velocity, simply take the derivative of it and you will have an equation for the average acceleration.

Equation for average acceleration?

There are various equations that involve acceleration; the simplest one is the definition of acceleration: acceleration = (change of velocity) / time.

What is the equation for average speed and acceleration?

Average speed = Distance travelled/time to travel the distance . Average acceleration = Change of speed/time for the change .

What is the equation to solve for average acceleration?

AnswerAcceleration = v2 - v1.........................timeAverage Acceleration requires you to average the the initial velocity of your trials and the ending velocity of your trials. You must also find the average for your time trials. Once you achieve these numbers, just plug them into the above formula and you can solve for average acceleration.

When do you use average speed to measure?

Average speed can be used to measure the distance traveled by an object when the acceleration is constant. x = v * t. When acceleration is a constant, the average speed can be plugged into the equation with time to yield distance.

What is the equation for average acceleraton for straight line motion?

Average acceleration = (change in speed over some period of time) divided by (time for the change)

What is a correct equation for force?

Write down the equation. force = mass × acceleration.Rearrange the equation. acceleration = force⁄massPut in the values. acceleration = 3,000N⁄ 2,000kgWork out the answer and write it down. acceleration = 1.5m/s2

The equation used to find acceleration is what?

Average acceleration = final velocity - initial velocity/ final time - initial timeOr for short:Aave=Vf-Vi/Tf-TiHope that helps :)

How can the equation force mass acceleration be rewritten?

mass=force * acceleration

Is a constant acceleration graph a linear equation?

Not necessarily. The equation of a projectile, moving under constant acceleration (due to gravity) is a parabola - a non-linear equation.

Whats the equation for mass?

One equation is Force/acceleration=mass

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