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for 1 of its kind

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Q: What is Math definition for per unit rate?
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What is the possible definition of the rate of growth?

The definition is: "The rate of increased size per unit time".

What is a unit rate in math explained in 5th grade words?

Unit rate is usually "how fast the rate of something changes, per one unit of time".

What does unit rate mean in math?

A rate that has 1 unit as it's second term -Ex-5lbs at $1.45 per lb.(price per pound would stay same regardless of how many you buy). UNIT RATE

Another definition for acceleration?

Another definition for the word "acceleration" is "the rate of change of velocity per unit of time."

What is the unit rate of 121 divided by 2 days?


Definition: The ___ rate of a changing quantity is the amount it changes per single increment of time (or other quantity).?

unit rate

What is a possible definition of the rate growth?

How much a population increases per unit time. The growth rate can also be expressed as growth per unit time divided by the population - for example, so-and-so much increase per year.

What does rate in math mean?

A ratio comparing 2 different things ie. miles per hour. A unit rate is when the top number is 1.

How do you find out the rate unit to a math question?

The unit for a rate is the unit for the numerator divided by the unit for the denominator. For example, speed = distance divided by time. If distance is measured in micrometres and time in hours, then the units for speed are micrometres per hour.

What is the scientific definition of pace?

The scientific definition of pace is the speed or rate at which something happens, changes, or develops

What is the word rate mean in math?

it mean per rate

What is the rate per one given unit?

That's known as the unit rate.

What is the unit rate for 811?

It is 811 per unit!

Unit rate for 9 per 12 feet?

The unit rate would be 3/4 per foot.

What is the rate per one unit?

It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.

How do you get a rate as a fraction?

Simplify the fraction to its simplest form.If this is 1/y then the unit rate is "1 unit per y units".If it is x/1 then the unit rate is "x units per unit".If it is x/y then the units rate is "(x/y) units per unit".

When a rate is written as money per item a unit rate is called?

Unit price

What is the definition of growth yield?

The definition of growth yield is the rate at which the size per unit time increases. This is very useful for farmers as it helps them decide which crops to grow.

How is a rate a measure of one quantity per unit of another quantity?

This is the definition of rate. It describes how one quantity relates to another as a ratio: meters per second, miles per hour, dollars per gallon. for example

What is the definition of growth rate?

The increase in the number of indivuals in a population per unit time.Growth rate refers to how fast something grows within a specific time period.

What is the unit rate for 555 and 6?

It is 92.5 per unit.

Unit rate of 2736 8?

It is 342 per unit.

What is the unit rate 8.43 for 3 pounds?

The unit rate for 8.43 for 3 pounds is 2.81 per pound.

What is the unit rate of 15 dollars per hour?

15 dollars/hour is the unit rate

What is the unit of the rate of change?

Usually (distance unit) per (time unit) per (second time unit). EX: miles per hour per minute.