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It is a non-linear function of theta.

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Q: What is Theta multiplied by cosine Theta?
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What is cosine squared theta equal to'?

Cosine squared theta = 1 + Sine squared theta

What is cosine 2 theta when sine theta equals .28?

If sine theta is 0.28, then theta is 16.26 degrees. Cosine 2 theta, then, is 0.8432

What are the values of theta of which secant theta is undefined?

Since secant theta is the same as 1 / cosine theta, the answer is any values for which cosine theta is zero, for example, pi/2.

What is sine squared theta subtract six cosine squared theta divided by one minus seven cosine squared theta?

It is 1.

What is cos 90 minus theta?

cosine (90- theta) = sine (theta)

What is the equivalent of sine theta over secant theta?

For such simplifications, it is usually convenient to convert any trigonometric function that is not sine or cosine, into sine or cosine. In this case, you have: sin theta / sec theta = sin theta / (1/cos theta) = sin theta cos theta.

What is cos theta multiplied by csc theta?

It is cotangent(theta).

What ratio correctly describes the cosine function?

The cosine of theta is adjacent over hypotenuse, given a right triangle, theta not being the 90 degree angle, adjacent not being the hypotenuse, and theta being the angle between adjacent and hypotenuse. In a unit triangle, i.e. in a unit circle circumscribed with radius one, and theta and the center of the circle at the origin, cosine of theta is X.

How do you solve for x and y in an angle?

If X and Y are sides of a right triangle, R is the hypoteneuse, and theta is the angle at the X-R vertex, then sin(theta) is Y / R and cosine(theta) is X / R. It follows, then, that X is R cosine(theta) and Y is R sin(theta)

What does 1 minus cosine theta equal?

There is no easy simplification.

What does negative sine squared plus cosine squared equal?

To determine what negative sine squared plus cosine squared is equal to, start with the primary trigonometric identity, which is based on the pythagorean theorem...sin2(theta) + cos2(theta) = 1... and then solve for the question...cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta)2 cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)2 cos2(theta) - 1 = - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)

Why is cos an even function?

An even function is one where f(x) = f(-x) For cosine, cos(x) = cos(-x), thus cosine is an even function.

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