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If X and Y are sides of a right triangle, R is the hypoteneuse, and theta is the angle at the X-R vertex, then sin(theta) is Y / R and cosine(theta) is X / R. It follows, then, that X is R cosine(theta) and Y is R sin(theta)

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Q: How do you solve for x and y in an angle?
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How do you solve if angle x and angle y are complementary and angle z and angle q are complementary and angle x and angle z are congruent then angle y is congruent to angle q?

x and y are complementary so x + y = 90 and so y = 90 - x z and q are complementary so z + q = 90 and so q = 90 - z x = z so 90 - x = 90 - z that is y = q

∠angle, x, and \angle y∠angle, y are supplementary angles. \angle y∠angle, y measures 156^\circ156 What is the measure of \angle x∠xangle, x∘ 156?

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What is the opposite of a supplementary angle?

Y is a supplementary angle to angle X if X + Y = 180 degrees. The only opposite to X + Y = 180 is X + Y ≠ 180. Such an angle has no specific name.

Angles X and Y are supplementary and the measure of angle X is 24 degrees greater then the measure of angle Y What is the angle measure?

Okay. If two angles are supplementary then the sum of the two angles is equal to 180. This can be represented in an algebraic equation: X + Y = 180 Now it says the angle X is 24 degrees greater than Y. That can also be written algebraically: Y + 24 = X Now we can subsititute this value for X into the original equation and solve: (Y + 24) + Y = 180 2Y + 24 = 180 2Y = 156 Y = 78 Now that we know angle Y, we can plug this in to either of our formulas in order to discover angle X: X + (78) = 180 X = 102 There you go, angle X is equal to 102o and angle Y is equal to 78o

What variable is used for y intercept?

you make x=0 and solve for y. for the x intercept you do y=0 and solve for x

A supplement of an angle is four times as large as the angle find the measure of the angle?

You start with two equations y+x=90 and 4x+y=180 and y is the given angle So if you want to figure out what x is you have to substitute an equation for y. so it ends up being 4x+90-x=180 and then you solve for x add the x's and subtract 90 from both sides giving you 3x=90 and then x=30 But you want to get y so you plug it back into the equation y+x=90 So your answer will equal 60. I hope this helps :)

How do you determine x and y in the same mathematical problem?

substitute 0 for y and solve for x. then substitute x for 0 and solve for why and you have the x and y coordinates

How do you solve for x in a angle in a double angle?

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Wo angles are complementary the second angle measures 32 degrees less than the first angle What is the measure of the first angle?

29 degrees Let x represent the number of degrees of the smaller angle and y the number of degrees of the larger angle. Because the angles are complementary, x+y=90. From the problem, x=y-32. Now solve the equations by substituting x from the second into the first: y-32+y=90 2y-32=90 2y=90+32=122 y=122/2=61 x=y-32=61-32=29

Solve xyz for the variable y?

solve x=yz for the variable y

How do you solve y-4 equals x?


How do you find angles of a triangle with a given slopes?

Slope = Rise/Run = y/x 1. leg = rise = y 2. leg = run = x 3. hypotenuse = √(x^2 + y^2) tan (angle 1) = x/y angle 1 = arctan(x/y) tan (angle 2) = y/x angle 2 = arctan(y/x)

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