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46 is an integer. It is not a fraction.

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Q: What is Using the fraction 46 which number is the denominator?
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Using fraction of 46 which number is the denominator?

It is 6.

Using the fraction 46 which number is the denominator?

using the fraction 4/6, which number is the denominator? or 46/1 in which case 1 would be the denom

Using the fraction 46 which number is the denominator in math?

The number above the line.

In the fraction 46 which number is the denominator?

4/6 it would be 6

Write 46 percent as a fraction or a mixed number?

As a fraction it is 46 ------ 100 It can't be a mixed number since the numerator (46) is smaller then the denominator. (100) Hope this helps. Ciiara

How do you make an improper fraction into a mixed number?

It is really simple, first say your fraction is 46/3. The first thing you do is figure out how many times the denominator (3) goes into the numerator (46). In this case it is 15 with and 1 left over. So, 15 is your whole number and your fraction is 1/3. You always keep the same denominator.

What is 6 and 4 over 7 as improper fraction?

The numerator of the improper fraction is 7*6 + 4 = 42+4 = 46 and the denominator is the same as for the fractional part of the mixed fraction. So the answer is 46/7.

How do you change a fraction into a mixed decimal?

The question is regarded as, "How do you change a fraction into a mixed number ?An improper fraction (where the numerator is greater than the denominator) can be converted to a mixed number by finding the whole number quotient and then expressing the remainder as the numerator of a new fraction using the original denominator. If possible, either the original fraction or the remainder fraction should be simplified.EXAMPLE : 152/17 = 816/17EXAMPLE : 46/4 = 112/4 ....this can be simplified to 111/2

Which is the denominator of 46?

1 any whole number has a denominator of 1

How do you write 46 as fraction?

46 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 46/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any non-zero integer.

What is 46 as a fraction in it's simplest form?

46 is an integer, not a fraction. There is not really a sensible way of writing it as a fraction or mixed number. However, if you must, you can use 46/1.

What is the equivalent fraction to 21 over 23?

Because 23 is a prime number, 21/23 is in its reduced form. You can make the fraction "un-reduced," so-to-speak, and multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number. For example, multiply by 2/2 (which equals 1) so that the answer would be 42/46. 42/46 is an equivalent fraction to 21/23.

How do you find the denominator of the fraction when finding probabilites?

The numerator is the number of possible successful outcomes. The denominator is the total number of possible outcomes, successful or not . . . 2 for a coin toss, 36 for a pair of dice, 46 for pulling one marble out of a bag with 46 marbles in it, 29 for naming one date in a leap February, etc.

What is the mixed number of a fraction 11 46?

The absolute value of 11/46 is less than 1 and so there cannot be a mixed fraction.

What is the percent and fraction of 46?

46 = 4600% ; 46/1 in fraction

What is 46 over 82 in simplest form?

Dividing both the numerator and denominator of the fraction 46/82 by two gives 23/41, or twenty-three forty-firsts.

What is 46 over 63 - 3 over 11?

To calculate this sort of subtraction problem the two fractions have to be converted so that they share the same denominator - the number below the line. This is done by calculating the lowest common denominator they share. As 11 is a prime and 63 is not a multiple of it, then the lowest common denominator will be 63 x 11 = 693. * To convert the 46/63 to a fraction with 693 as its denominator we need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 11. This gives 506/693. * To convert the 3/11 to a fraction with 693 as its denominator we need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 63. This gives 189/693. Now we can subtract 189 from 506. That gives 317. * 317/693 As 317 is a prime, and 693 is not a multiple of it, that fraction can not be simplified.

How do you write 184% as a fraction or mixed number?

184/100 or as mixed fraction 1wholenumber 21/25 Or as improper fraction 46/25

What is the LCD of 23 and 46?

The lowest common denominator of 23 and 46 is 46.

Which fraction is equivalent to 23?

the fraction is 46 over 2 the fraction is 46 over 2

What is the simplest form of 46 over 72?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 2, 46/72 is equal to 23/36 or twenty-three thirty-sixths.

What is 46 percent as a decimal and fraction?

46% = 46/100 = 23/50 [fraction] and 0.46 [decimal]

What is 46 percent written as a fraction?

46% as a fraction is 46/100. In simplest terms it is 23/50.

What is the fraction form of 46?

46 = 46/1

Write 0.46 as a fraction and a percent?

It is 46/100 as a fraction and 46% as a percentage.

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