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Q: What is a 20Amp DP switch used for?
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What is a DP policy for home insurance?

DP Stands for Dwelling Policy. Usually a DP type policy is used to cover rental properties.

What will happen in a circuit if the intermediate switch is replace by a double pole switch?

The circuit will not work. The intermediate switch has to be a cross over switch. Visualise and draw on a piece of paper a rectangular box. Label the switch terminals as top left A , top right B, bottom left C and bottom right D. In one position of the toggle handle the terminals A - B are connected. In the same handle position C -D are connected. In the other handle position A - D are connected. In the same handle position C - B are connected. A double pole switch will just open both lines and the circuit stops working. The answer following this answer is not referring to an intermeadiate switch but replacing a single pole (SP) switch with a double pole (DP) switch. <<>> Replacing a single pole (SP) switch with a double pole (DP) switch would be ok as long as it's rated as good or higher than the switch it's replacing, and as long as it fits. It may weigh more than a SP switch as a DP switch would be slightly larger and have more contacts. If replacing a SP switch with a DP switch, using one with the Off position in the middle may cause confusion. If replacing a SP switch with a DP switch on a circuit board it may not fit if the board is crowded. You may also have to clip off the unused lead(s) as there may not be any provision (thru hole(s)) on the board for them (or it).

What do you understand by dp as used in a computer?

dp is display pic. This is very common short form has been used in social media platforms.

What is balsa used for?

Balsa Wood is used for model making. Commented by .Dp.

What is 62.1935 rounded to DP?

To 4 DP, 62.1935 To 3 DP, 62.194 To 2 DP, 62.19 To 1 DP, 62.2

What is pbr used for?

its used for wifi battle and to play on it. Its also used to transport Pokemon from dp to pbr too.

What is an on and off switch used for?

It is used to switch equipment on and also it can be used to switch it off at a later time.

What size fuse do you use in 1989 Beretta fule pump?


What fuse is needed for the power outlet in 2003 dodge neon?


Where is the fuse for the horn in a rover 45?

f5 (20amp) under bonnet.

What are the processor and switch used in the WNR834B?

What are the processor and switch used in the WNR834B

What type of circuit has double 20amp breaker going to a separate box at that separate box there is a well pump with another 20amp breaker to that?

Sounds like a 240 volt sub panel feeding a well pump.