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Q: What is a Curved line connecting 2 or more notes with different pitch?
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What is a curved line smoothly connecting two or more notes of a different pitch is called?

a slur

What is a Curved line connecting 2 or more notes of th same pitch?

a tie

In music what is a tie?

In music, a "tie" is when you connect two notes that happen one after another and are the same pitch. They are connected into one continuous note. The marking used on sheet music is a curved, gentle arch-like indication connecting the two (or more) notes wanting to be "tied". This curved line is basically the same as a slur/legato/connection marking but between two (or more) notes of the same pitch.

What is a curved line that connects two notes to the same pitch?

It is called a "tie" (like what you do to your shoe laces).

A is a curved line that connects two or more notes that are the same pitch?

That is called a "tie". It joins the two notes together creating a single sound that lasts the duration of both notes added together.

Two notes of different pitch can be tied true or false?

False. Tied means that the notes are of the same pitch, however the notes can be slurred.

What do you call two different musical notes that sound the same?

Enharmonics is when you have two different note names but the pitch is the same

Why is singing different to speaking?

because you sing the notes with right pitch, melody, rhythm etc.

What are high and low notes in music called?

The range. Voices - especially relating to singers - are said to have a 'range' of notes. Different people have different ranges.

Why do the same notes on a trumpet and on a saxophone sound different when both are played with the same pitch and loudness?

because their different instruments and all instruments have different sounds

Do the notes in a music measure frequency or pitch?


Are tones and notes different or the same?

I have played the clarinet for two years and tone and notes are different is the pitch, quality and strength of a note. A note is what is on the piece that you have to play like a A flat, B, C sharp, D, etc.