What is a complex polygon?

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A polygon can be convex, which means Convex Polygon: A polygon that has all interior angles less than 180° Concave Polygon A polygon that has one or more interior angles greater than 180° A Complex polygon is neither convex or concave. A star polygon is an example of a complex polygon. If you look in Google images, there are tons of pics of them.

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Q: What is a complex polygon?
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Can a polygon be a complex form?


What are the type of polygon?

A Simple Polygon has only one boundary and doesn't cross over itself.A complex Polygon interacts itself.A Convex Polygon has no angles pointing inwards. The internal angles can be more than 180°A Concave Polygon is wheere the internal agnels are greater than 180°If all the angles are equal and sides are equal then it is a regular polygonOtherwise it is an Irregular Polygon

What angle does a star have?

It doesn't. It's a complex polygon with re-entrant sidesso has a number of angles depending on its shape.

How do you find area of complex polygon composed of 4 rectangles?

Work out the area of each rectangle separately and then add them up altogether.

Is and arrow a polygon?

an arrow is or isn't a polygon?

Types of polygons?

A type of polygon is a rhombusial polygon, trysectalnict polygon, and a equilateral polygon.

Is a traingle a regular polygon or a polygon?

A triangle (not traingle) is a polygon. It can be a regular polygon but need not be.

Is a smaller triangle inside of a larger triangle where the outside of the smaller triangle and the inside of the larger triangle is the interior a polygon?

If at least one vertex of the inner triangle lies on the side of the outer triangle then yes, it is a complex polygon. However, if none of the vertices of the inner triangle are on the sides of the outer triangle then there are two disjoint triangles and that does not represent a polygon.

Polygon A is a square. Polygon B has 4 more sides than polygon A. What type of polygon is B?

Polygon B is an octagon.

Whats the definition of a irregular polygon?

The definition of a irregular polygon is any polygon that is not a regular polygon.

What is another name for equiangular polygon?

Regular polygon Equilateral polygon Polygon with rotational symmetry

What is a eqaulateral Polygon?

An equilateral polygon is a polygon where the length of all the sides of the polygon are the same length.

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