What is a discrete set?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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A set which is made up only of isolated points is called a discrete set.

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Q: What is a discrete set?
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What does fraction of discrete set of objects?

A discrete set of objects has no ability to do anything other than being a discrete set of objects. The same applies to a fraction of such a set.

What is a example of discrete data?

Discrete data are observations on a variable that which take values from a discrete set.

What is a continuous and discrete data set?

time to learn a song for 4 hours, is this discrete or continuous data set?

What do you call a set of numbers with an exact number of points?

This is called a discrete set (all points isolated) or a finite set. Finite sets are always discrete.

What does discrete function mean?

Discrete Function - A function that is defined only for a set of numbers that can be listed, such as the set of whole numbers or the set of integers. Explicit Definition - A definition of a function by a formula in terms of the variable.

Is the volume of cola in a can is 12.2oz discrete or a continuous data set?


Is the set of all negative integers discrete?

Yes, because it is countably infinite.

What is data that can take one value from a finite set of values?

A discrete variable.

Definition of discrete structures?

Discrete structures are foundational material for computer science. By foundational we mean that relatively few computer scientists will be working primarily on discrete structures, but that many other areas of computer science require the ability to work with concepts from discrete structures. Discrete structures include important material from such areas as set theory, logic, graph theory, and combinatorics.

If the mode of a data set is 35 which must be true about the data set?

35 occurs most often in the collated data set.

Can The optical spectrum of hydrogen and all other elements consist of a set of discrete lines?


In R with discrete metric space what is open set?

any interval subset of R is open and closed