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b - 8

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Q: What is a expression the represents 8 less than a number b?
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Related questions

Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?

eight less than twice a number

What expression represents seven less than five times a number?

5n - 7

Which expression represents 3 less than four times a?

Let the number be x and so the expression is 4x -3

How do you write an expression that represents 6 less than number times 5?

n*5 - 6

Which expression represents the algebraic phrase eleven less than seven times a number?

It can be: 7x-11

What expressions represents 5 less than 3 times the number m?

The expression is: 3m-5

What algebraic expression represents the phrase 100 less than a number?

Your variable (a number) X, minus 100. X - 100

What is an expression that represents 8 more than 6 times a number is 5 less than 3 times that number?

6x + 8 = 3x - 5

What is the difference between 7 less than a number and 7 is less than a number?

7 less than a number is an algebraic expression. Given the number the expression can be evaluated. 7 is less than a number is a statement in the form of an inequality. It is true for some values of the number and not for others.

Which algebraic expression represents 6 less than 17?

x = 17-6

Which algebraic expression represents 12 less than twice the numbers of t toys?

It is: 2t-12

Which expression best represents the statement 16 more than a number?

n + 16

Which expression represents four more than three times a number?

3n + 4

Which expression represents 5 less than the product of 7 and x?

7x - 5

What is a algebraic expression for four less than a number?

a - 4

What does the less than or equal to symbol mean?

It means that the number or expression on the left of the symbol is less that the value or expression to the right, or that they are equal.

What is an equation that represents the relationship 3 less than a number is -6?


How do you write expression for 16 less than a number?

( n - 16 )

What is sixteen less than twice a number?

The expression is: 2x-16

How do we express three less than a number?

The expression is n - 3.

What is 2.5 less than a number d expression?

d - 2.5

Is a number an expression equation or inequality?

A number is an expression. It is not an equation, or an inequality, since it doesn't have an equal sign, or an inequality (greater than, less than, etc.) sign.

Which number expression represents 5 more than 10?

5+10 =15

What is 7 less than a number y?

y-7 would be the expression

What is the algebraic expression for 5 less than a number x?

It is: x-5