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It can be: 7x-11

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2015-01-29 14:34:06
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Q: Which expression represents the algebraic phrase eleven less than seven times a number?
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Which algebraic expression represents a number decreased by 7?

It can be: x-7

How can you translate eleven more than 5 times a number in verbal expression to an algebraic expression?

5n + 11

What is -20x plus 14?

It's a binomial algebraic expression that represents a number. The number that it represents completely depends on what number 'x' is.

Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?

eight less than twice a number

Which algebraic expression represents this phrase The product of 34 and the number of pounds?


What is the difference between a variable and a algebraic expression?

A variable is a single letter that represents a number. For example x is a variable.An algebraic expression can contain variables, numbers, mathematical symbols, etcetera. An example of an algebraic expression is 3x+12.

What is the algebraic expression that represents the sum of 10 and 3 times a number x?

10 + 3x

What algebraic expression represents this phrase the product of 50 and the number of employees?


What the vaule of x?

x is a variable that represents an unknown number and its value depends on the algebraic expression it is used in.

What is algebraic terms?

Algebraic terms is when a letter, for example 'x', represents a number in a formula or sum.

Which algebraic expression represents the statement 4 more than the product of 6 and a number?

6x+4 is the expression that you are looking for.

What algebraic expression represents the phrase 100 less than a number?

Your variable (a number) X, minus 100. X - 100

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