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Q: What is a factor tree for the number 30?
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What is the factor tree of the number 30?

30 / \ 2 15 / \ 3 5 / \ 5 1

The factor tree for 60 has all of the factor tree for 15 and 30 but why not 45?

Because 45 is not a factor of 60.

How do you you make a factor tree for 30?

30 15,2 5,3,2

What is the prime factor for 30 in a tree?

30 15,2 5,3,2

Can you show me the factor tree of 30?

30 15,2 5,3,2

How do you write a factor tree for a prime number?

The purpose of a factor tree is to notate the process of finding the prime factorization. If a number is already prime, a factor tree is not necessary.

What is the same thing about the factor tree of 30?

The last branch of any factor tree of 30 will always be 2, 3 and 5 in some order.

Can 1 and the factor be used itself to be a factor tree?

The purpose of a factor tree is to divide a number into prime factors. 1 is not a prime number.

What is a factor tree and how do you know when a factor tree is completed?

A factor tree is when you get a number, say, 180 and pick any numbers ( which are factors of the number), here is an example.180/ \30 6/ \ / \6 5 2 3/ \2 3When you look at the tree you see the numbers below it are factors of that number. However, you do not keep adding numbers below it if it is prime. Prime means that the number's factors are just one and the number itself (ex. 17: 1,17

What is a factor tree for 13?

13 is a prime number so it doesn't have a factor tree.

What is the factor tree for 57?

There is no factor tree nor factors of 57 as it is a prime number.

How do you do a factor tree of30?

30 15,2 5,3,2