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Unlike or dissimilar fraction.

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Q: What is a fraction with different denominators called?
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What is fraction with different denominators?

The Denominator is the bottom number on the fraction. The top number is called the Numerator.

What is a disimilar fraction?

Disimilar fraction.are fraction with different denominators. Similar fraction.are fraction with the same denominators.

What is disimiliar fraction?

Dissimilar fractions have different denominators.

What is the definition to unlike denominators?

unlike denominators: the bottom number of a fraction. to have unlike denominators you must have two fractions with a different number on the bottom of each fraction.

What is meaning of dissimilar fraction?

Fractions with different denominators.

How do you find out a fraction if it is subtracted by different denominators?

You find the least comon multiples of the fractions' denominators.

What are the numbers the go under the fraction called?


What are fractions with different denominators that name the fraction?


How do you do algebraic fraction with two different denominators?

Mix numbers

How are all unit fractions different?

They have the same numerator (1) but different denominators. Since the numerator is 1 in each fraction, it cannot be simplified therefore each unit fraction is in its simplest form. Then, because the denominators of any two of them are different the fractions must be different.

Why does the equivalent fraction make adding and subtracting fractions easier?

You cannot add or subtract fractions with different denominators. If the denominators are different then you need to work with equivalent fractions.

What is the meaning of disimilar fraction?

Fractions that are not equivalent are dissimilar fractions * * * * * The term is used more commonly to refer to fractions whose denominators are different.