What is a geometrical net?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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A geometric net of a 3-dimensional object is a single two-dimensional figure that can be folded into the 3-d shape.

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Q: What is a geometrical net?
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What is meant by the term net in a math question?

A net is an unfolded 3D geometrical shape

Is there any geometry in volleyball?

A volleyball court is in the shape of a rectangle, with either side of the court (divided by the net) making a square.

What are the different geometrical figures?

the different geometrical figures are hexagon nonagon decagon...........

What is the most efficient geometrical shape?

We cannot assess the efficiency of a geometrical shape unless we have a particular purpose in mind. You will have to state what you wish to efficiently do, by means of a geometrical figure.

Does any spider build a geometrical shape web?

spiders do not build geometrical shape webs

What is geometrical line?

A geometrical straight line is infinite but if it has defined end points then it is a line segment.

What are geometrical solids?

a geometrical solid is like a cube all the side are the same and they bare all equal

What is geometrical symmetry?

Geometrical symmetry is a mathematical term for a shape that, if torn in half, can be mirrored and restored to the shape again.

Why does a tetrahedral complex of the type MA2B2 not show geometrical isomerism?

For Geometrical isomerism the free rotation about the bonds should be restricted so a double bonded or cyclic compound may show the geometrical isomerism.

What does -hedron mean?

"Hedron" is usually at the end of a geometrical shape meaning "faces".

What has the author Max Herzberger written?

Max Herzberger has written: 'Modern geometrical optics' -- subject(s): Geometrical optics

Is trapezoid a geometrical shape?