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a geometrical solid is like a cube all the side are the same and they bare all equal

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Q: What are geometrical solids?
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What is the difference between amorphous and crysatlline?

because amorphous solids are that solids that don't have geometrical shape and don't have particular melting point but crystalline solids have characterstic geometrical shape and have sharp melting point.

Why do solids have a regular geometrical shape whereas liquids don't?

Solids have stronger and greater inter molecular forces as compared to liquids thereby having greater densities and can be carved into regular geometrical shape.

Why do solids have a regular geometrical shape?

solids have a regular geometrical shape . they have a tendency to maintain their shape when subjected to outside force. solids may break under force but it is difficult to change their shape.

What property must a solid have to be considered at crystalline solid?

The specific property that distinguishes crystalline solids from other types of solids (other types would be described as amorphous solids) is that their constituent atoms are arranged in orderly geometrical patterns.

What is solid geometric figures?

It is a 3 dimensional shape and in geometrical terms it's only limited to one of 5 perfect solids

Why crystalline solids have sharp melting points whereas amorphous do not?

"As the atoms of Crystalline solids have specific shape and same distance,so they have same K.E,intermolecular forces of attraction and geometrical shape due to which Crystalline solids are blessed sharp melting points."

What are the different geometrical figures?

the different geometrical figures are hexagon nonagon decagon...........

What are the similarities between an amorphous and crystalline solid?

They are two types of solid and i guess both are having different properties ...See,! their properties are different crystalline solids are having sharp melting and boiling point......and amorphous are having low melting and boiling point2. they are having a proper geometrical structure and as far as amorphous solids are concerned , they aren't having proper geometrical structures....and there are lot more ...... and i guess they both are not having any similarity........

What is the most efficient geometrical shape?

We cannot assess the efficiency of a geometrical shape unless we have a particular purpose in mind. You will have to state what you wish to efficiently do, by means of a geometrical figure.

Does any spider build a geometrical shape web?

spiders do not build geometrical shape webs

What is geometrical line?

A geometrical straight line is infinite but if it has defined end points then it is a line segment.

What is the alkene that exhibits geometrical isomerism?

all the non terminal straight chain alkenes show the geometrical isomerism..

What is geometrical symmetry?

Geometrical symmetry is a mathematical term for a shape that, if torn in half, can be mirrored and restored to the shape again.

Is trapezoid a geometrical shape?


Is every square geometrical?


What geometrical shape has no faces?

A sphere.

What is a orthographic drawing?

it is a geometrical space.

Is a square a geometrical shape?


What is the geometrical shape of C2H6?


What is closed geometrical figures?

A polygon

What geometrical figure is umbrella?


Is a parallelogram a geometrical shape?


What was hundertwasser's style in painting?


What is the geometrical shape of a basketball?

A sphere

What is a cone in math?

it is a geometrical shape