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A good math student is a person who pays attention in class, does their homework, and asks questions when they're confused.

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Q: What is a good math student?
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What are good strengths for a math student?

math strengths

Is Bella Swan a good student?

yes she is a good student and i think kinda good in math even though she hates it:)

How can a student become good in grade three math?

By working for it.

What does capital B mean in 7th grade math?

it means ure pretty good math student

Are math grades a good indication of a student's math ability?

Yes. The grades show that how much the student know about Maths. It reflects his/her calculation and logic-reasoning abilities.

What is a sentence using the word drew?

Drew is a good student in math.

Who does the academy of math cater for?

Academy of Math is a software that helps students improve their math skills. The program caters to the individual student by teaching math on the student's level and at the student's speed.

Which engineering course is preferable for a student good at math?

Mechanical, production engineering

Is it true that if you are good at math you suck at science?

No that is not true, for all people. Because i myself am an amazing math student, but am incredible at science. I also have three friends who are math geniuses but are really good at science.

Was George Washington a good student?

George Washington received his education in Virginia but never went on to attend college. He apparently was a good student and very skilled at math.

Is a geometry student is a math student?


What subjects should a student focus on?

The most lucrative subjects are science and math. However, a student should focus on the subjects that he is most good at.

Is it true that if you are a dyslexic and dysgraphic student who is good at math but a terrible writer you will fail science and engineering?


Why aren't students good at math?

Not all student, it happens due to low sharpness of brain.

What does it mean if a student is enrolled in computer engineering and programming but loves math at the same time?

Well, people who do well in computer engineering and programming are usually also good at math. If the student's grades are good, then maybe they should consider a double major. It's up to them.

What actors and actresses appeared in Saving Caroline - 2011?

The cast of Saving Caroline - 2011 includes: Christina Bozsik as Caroline 2 Noah Engle as Math Student Kate Fitsimons as Math Student Juliet Garrett as Caroline 1 Kenny Kilfara as Inspirational Math Teacher Charles Lehner as Math Student Emma Lesser as Math Student John Lesser as Math Student Bianca Massi as Woman at the Door Lucas Merat as Daniel Allison Rogoski as Secretary Sarah Salaway as Math Student

What is your math grade going to be?

I am a straight 'A' student. I am a straight A student.

Which is correct he is good at math or he is good in math?

He is good at math

What percentage of canadians hate math?

1,867,689,025 student hates math

Is a geometry student a math student?

Yes - geometry is a branch of mathematics.

What does student council treasurer do in elemetary school?

keeps and manages the school money.....SO YOU BETTER BE GOOD AT MATH!!!!

Can a strong math student do well in computer engineering and programming languages?

It depends. It's probably the best type of person to start computer engineering and programming. I consider myself a strong math student and a good programmer. But I'm young and not experienced.

What was Anne Frank good at?

Anne was actually a very good student, and did well in all of her subjects, though she did only "passably" well at math, which she hated.

Class 12th student science stream without maths suggest you good courses?

Some of the good courses that do not require math's are mass communication and literature in English. Most of the arts courses do not require math's as well.

Why do student like math?

Other people have different opinions on whether they like math or not. Maybe they like it because they are good at working on equations and fractions. Remember, everyone is different! I do not enjoy math but you might have a different opinion on it! :)